Your First NASCAR Track-Side Experience: Mind These Hot Tips

Photo by Andrew Roberts on Unsplash

Are you planning to attend the next Ally 400 NASCAR Cup Series event for the first time? It is not a crime if you have never been to a NASCAR track before. After all, many people consider motorsports boring and not as interesting as other forms of sports.

However, they can’t be more wrong. To enjoy your first track-side visit at a NASCAR event, you should consider some helpful tips.

  • Get to the NASCAR track as early as possible

If you want to enjoy a NASCAR race to the fullest, get to the track as early as possible. Since NASCAR has many fans, most tracks usually open several hours before the race kicks off.

When you get to a NASCAR track a few hours before the race starts, you get to take in every sight and sound. You will encounter some events like the usual Q&A with NASCAR drivers. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet, greet, and even take a selfie with your favorite driver.

  • Bring comfortable shoes

It makes sense to wear good shoes to a NASCAR track. But do not bring a pair of boots or high heels if you don’t want your feet to suffer.

Since you will likely walk a lot and spend plenty of time on your feet, bringing good footwear only makes sense.

  • Don’t forget to bring earplugs

Many NASCAR fans underestimate just how loud the stock cars can be at such events. If you don’t bring a noise-reducing headset or earplugs, your ears will ring for hours.

When you watch the NASCAR Cup Series on TV, you’re not really able to tell just how loud those race cars actually are. When you attend the live event and feel their vibrations as they whip past you, you will be glad you brought a pair of earplugs.

Forget any conversation you wish to have with your friends while the car race is on. The loud cars will always drown out your voices, and attempting to have conversations will be futile.

  • Stay hydrated

If the track allows it, consider bringing your drinks and food to the NASCAR event. The truth is that drink and food prices are pretty expensive. And you don’t want to spend hours in long lines trying to get something to eat or drink.

Pack a cooler with your favorite soft drinks, including water. Staying hydrated throughout the hot race days is essential.


These tips are essential things you must remember if you want to have a great time at the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series tournament.

Do not forget to bring a cooler filled with your favorite drinks and a pair of good earplugs. Never pass up on the other exciting events, and ensure you bring good shoes. You are about to have the most exciting and memorable weekend. Have fun and good luck!