With one game to play who will win the 2018/19 TFF title?

After all the EPL matches have now been played, the race for the Telegraph Fantasy Football (TFF) 2018/19 title is down to the last game: the FA Cup Final. This is something I’ve experienced before; finishing 2nd in TFF in 2002/03 and if Ashley Cole had not cleared James Beattie’s header off the line in the Arsenal v Southampton 2003 FA Cup Final the title would have been mine! Back down Memory Lane here was the line up for the 2003 FA Cup Final:

Arsenal vs Southampton 2003-05-17.svg

By PeeJay – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

So nerves must be jangling for the leaders, although maybe less so for current leader and fiso member Adrian Frost, who won TFF in 2010/11 and whose father, Roy, then went on to win in 2015/16. With a gap of only 7 points down to David Parker in 2nd and another 18 points to 3rd it’s probably all to play for between the two of them unless someone in the top 10 has a block Man City defence. No doubt they now have a good idea of each other’s teams so will know who to cheer on (and who not to) during the Man City v Watford final on Saturday 18 May. In the unlikely event either have a transfer left then they must gamble wisely with their selection just as you would with best no deposit bonus casinos. Interestingly the two of them (Frost and Parker) were 1st and 2nd in TFF on 18 March so they have been able to keep ahead of the chasing pack for at least the last 2 months

A Telegraph Fantasy Football manager’s task is to assemble a team of 11 players from a budget of £50m who score you fantasy points based on their performances in the Premier League and FA Cup. You have 40 transfers to use for the entire season.

This year the prize pool for season ticket holders (paid teams) is:

  • The Champion: £40,000
  • Runner up: £2,500
  • 3rd: £1,000
  • 4th: £500
  • 5th: £200
  • 6th to 10th: £100

Your first team is free (whichever game you choose to start with) but you’ll need to treat yourself to a Season Ticket to play in more than one of the competitions and be in with a chance of winning the big money cash prizes. As you can see there is a huge difference between 1st and 2nd prizes so the FA Cup Final is going to provide an enormous amount of excitement for one person and disappointment for the rest.

Season Ticket Holders – Top 20 overall with just the FA Cup Final to play

1Adrian FrostLive mix2384
2David ParkerENABLE2377
3Brian MurnaghanCaptain Cuttle2359
4Andrew GarmentTeam AG92357
5Andrew Luckhurst292357
6Marie KingHorse 12351
7Marie KingHorse 22348
8Mark LemmerLem’s 12346
9Andrew Luckhurst12340
10Liam BuckleyBabsBoys2331
11Mark ChadwickArnolfini Portrait2324
12Lee FrickerSuperman 10 t-ment v2321
13Peter EckersleyGrimbles!2320
14Mark ChadwickThe Scream2320
15Chris WilkinsonHorbury diddymen2319
16Trevor FrickerConcorde2319
17Graham DolanGreen clouds invent2317
18Elaine FrickerLIV MCY 2ND2314
19Ed JonesJB Man City IV2313
20Jamie BaerLaw 12313

The above table is almost exactly the same for All Managers i.e. including the free teams but with one entry in 12th and the other in 19th.

You can follow the TFF action on Saturday on FISO’s TFF Forum and maybe on this TFF FA Cup Final topic.