Windows brief history – from 3 x version to Windows 10

Being the biggest fish of the software market, Microsoft has not ever in history lost its status as the most popular provider of the operating system. How did Windows – its flag product – change over the years? Check its brief history.

Apple and Microsoft have been competing since the 80s when the PC was still out of reach for most people. Through five decades, both companies have managed to establish a strong position on the market, becoming two technology empires, always improving their offer and implementing innovations. In the nineties, the companies have even eventually met in court because of the charges from the side of Apple, which accused Microsoft of usurpation of its innovations. Bill Gates’ company, however, was cleared of all charges.

Windows – a dominating operating system for PC

However, it’s Microsoft, not Apple, that has been leading ever since the very start. In the middle of the eighties, when technological development has started to speed up rapidly, both companies came up with their operating systems for personal computers, which has started a real revolution. Until that moment, very few people had access to technology, and now it was about to become something common.

The secret of Microsoft’s success

Why has Microsoft been keeping a leading position as a provider of the operating system over the years, when it comes to PC? (Android for smartphones is currently the most popular system worldwide) Its policy of compatibility and universality in reference to the operating systems makes it more accessible than MacOS which is adjusted only to Apple products. 

Obviously, such a level of openness creates some challenges and obstacles to overcome, but for now, Windows have been doing quite well, putting down fires quickly and repairing the bugs and errors with new updates. It cannot access such a level of control over the system as Apple, since it operates on devices produced by dozens of hardware companies. 

From Windows 3.0 to Windows 10

Windows 3.0 was released in 1990 and turned out to be a great success – Microsoft sold 2 million copies of it just in the first six months. The next releases were just as successful, providing the company the status of no.1 tech giant in the world. After Windows XP, Microsoft introduced Vista, which wasn’t welcomed with such a big enthusiasm. Windows 8, which was the successor of Windows 7, was a small revolution in terms of interface and tiles. Windows 10 came back to the roots, reducing the touch management to the minimum and introducing many functional features.

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