Wi-Fi To Help Rescue Operations In Italy

The 6.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Central Italy left dozens of people dead, hundreds injured and many more missing, presumably still buried under the debris. There is a massive multi-agency rescue effort that is currently underway aimed at saving those that may still be trapped under the fallen buildings. Emergency relief organisations have teams in the area trying their level best to make the lives of those who lost their homes as decent as possible.

However, it is the unusual request by Red Cross branches operating in Italy that grabbed our attention in the midst of all this destruction. Their request is a simple one. They asked residents to remove the passwords to their Wi-Fi networks. This would enable rescue workers to have free access to the Wi-Fi networks. The request was posted via Twitter so only people that have power and working Internet can see it and respond.

In this time of crisis, it is a great thing for people to come together and volunteer their resources for the good of the entire community. The open Wi-Fi networks would provide an extra layer of resources that rescue workers can use to communicate. In other disasters, Wi-Fi has helped trapped people to communicate their location and status to family and friends. This resulted in directed efforts which led to the people being rescued swiftly.

Sharing Wi-Fi is a great way of giving back to the community after such a devastating natural disaster. Even if the rescue workers only end up using the Wi-Fi to play online casino games and fantasy sports during their breaks, it is the possibility that the Wi-Fi will be used to save lives that make the action such a noble deed.

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There can never be too many resources when it comes to trying to save, preserve and sustain human life.