Who Will Be Top of the English League at Christmas?

The honour of being at the top of the English Premier League at Christmas time is one which has fallen to a number of different football clubs over the years. If you’ve been following the Premier League closely, you’ll probably have a good idea when it comes to predictions, and it’s certainly expected to be a team which is currently in the top four or five. This year’s Premier League has been full of surprises – nobody expected Leicester City to take the top spot or last year’s champions Chelsea to be so close to the bottom – so there really is no telling what’s going to happen over the Christmas period. Let’s have a look at who the current favourites are to be top of the League this Christmas Day.

Manchester City

Currently sitting at the top spot with 32 points, Manchester United’s rival team the ‘Blues’ are set to be top of the League on Christmas Day if things go their way. However, whilst Manchester City have produced some of the best team performances so far this season against Chelsea and Bournemouth, it’s also been a season where they’ve seen some pretty erratic results, meaning that anything could happen between now and Christmas Day.

Leicester City

Leicester are easily the over achievers of the season, only just having been knocked down from the top of the Premier League Table. With goals from Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez, their attacking, attractive brand of football has defied all their critics, leaving many wondering how long this great form is going to last.


Arsenal took advantage of Manchester City’s 2-0 away defeat to Stoke earlier in the season with a 3-0 win over Sunderland, and managed to pull themselves closer to the top spot before being knocked down again. However, this season the team has seen injury crisis along with failure to secure wins over West Brom and Norwich, which is beginning to cause fans and critics to question their team credentials and wonder whether they’ll be able to keep producing results without key players.

Manchester United

After a not-so-good season last year, Manchester United are back in the top four of the Premier League Table
and fighting back against criticisms of their bland football and unconvincing wins. Manchester United fans are seeking comfort in the team’s excellent defensive record, but this season fans are worried that Val Gaal’s odd team selections, Rooney’s bizarre form and Martial’s inexperience are all factors which will ensure that United won’t be taking home the Championship title. In despite of this, Manchester United is definitely expected to be somewhere in the top four over the Christmas period and at the end of the season.

Who are your bets on for being at the top of the Premier League over the festive period? If you want more time to watch the football and less time spent on chores over Christmas, check out the Twelve Chores of Christmas by Ladbrokes.