Who is going to win Telegraph Fantasy Football 2017/18?

With just one set of Premier League fixtures left on Sunday (all played at the same time so no real transfer opportunities) and the FA Cup Final the following Saturday between Chelsea and Manchester United, it’s still all to play for in the race to be the TFF 2017/18 champion (and the winner of a cool £50,000).

Teams will be very low on transfers (probably only 1 or 2 if that) and those with Manchester United or Chelsea players should have an advantage – they are the only teams that have more than 1 match. Man United also played on Thursday so any spare transfers may well have gone into moving Man United players into teams just prior to that match (and MU defenders will have boosted scores).

Below is the current 2017/18 TFF Season League (for the qualifying season-ticket holders). Just 54 points seperate the top 20 who contain a number of FISO members including the leader. Simon will be worried about those close behind him, particularly formidable opponent Andy Luckhurst. Will TFF be won again by a FISO member after ‘Dead Parrot’ last year and ‘Frosty Casino’ in 2015/16?

Pos Manager Team Pts
1 Simon Allen Destiny 2242
2 Gareth Gwilliam Team 1 2226
3 Shaun Woodford city4 2221
4 Andrew Luckhurst 4 2217
5 Greg Meenaghan Season CA 5 2217
6 Gary Frearson Nicole Lauren 15 2211
7 Bryan O’Rourke Charlotte 2211
8 Adam Pond Play up Pondie! 2201
9 John Ashworth Defoe 2200
10 Richard Neill Physio Wonders 4 2200
11 Henry Oakley C9 2199
12 Simon Snowball Adam Bogle 2198
13 Dean Burdin MU10 2196
14 David Watson Pouilly Fume 2195
15 David Bartram Prescient Education 2193
16 David Chadwick Thunder 2193
17 Simon Allen Emperor 2192
18 Nathan Howells ZH1 2191
19 David Parker JOSA 2191
20 David Watson Corksat 2188

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