What’s the difference between Roulette and live Roulette?

In terms of classic casino games, Roulette is one of the most iconic. The spinning wheel has been a fixture of casinos for centuries, with its simple rules and gameplay making it a persistently popular choice among players.

Thanks to the rise of online casinos, players can now choose to play a game of live Roulette at Virgin Bet that fuses online play with the presence of a live croupier and physical game elements. This new form of the game has proven a hit, but what is it that sets Roulette and live Roulette apart?

The technology

Perhaps the biggest factor that sets live Roulette apart from other formats of the game is the level of technology involved. Games of live Roulette require far more tech support thanks to the fusion of the online player interface with the video stream of a live croupier.

Live Roulette only really took off in the last couple of decades thanks to the widespread improvement of streaming technology and broadband connections. Without high fidelity cameras and a seamless video stream games of live Roulette simply wouldn’t work.

Players need to be able to see the wheel, ball and other game elements to the same level of detail as they’d expect in a game of Roulette played in person. This gives them the confidence that the game is moving exactly as it should be.

Live dealer games also require the support of some key tech behind the scenes. Optical character recognition (OCR) is essential for gameplay to proceed smoothly, as this converts images of the physical wheel and game elements into data that software can process.

Coupled with this, the game control unit (GCU) is attached to the physical game table and helps to ensure that the game proceeds smoothly. This little computer is responsible for encoding the live action and streaming it to players watching on their devices.

The gameplay flow

Aside from the studio setup, another thing that distinguishes live Roulette from other online varieties is the flow of its gameplay. Unlike fully digital games of Roulette, in live games, there are other people to account for.

When players join a live Roulette game, there may already be a round in progress, meaning that they have to wait for the next pause in gameplay. It’s considered good etiquette to wait patiently until the round has concluded before engaging with the croupier.

Thanks to the live nature of these games, there is also quite a strict flow of gameplay. Players are given a set amount of time in which to choose their wager before play begins, ensuring that everyone’s time is properly respected.

This is similar to the way that Roulette games unfold in land-based casinos, but it might be an adjustment for players who are only familiar with other online varieties of Roulette.

As you can see, there are some major differences between live Roulette and other formats of the game. Who knows how else this casino classic could evolve in the years ahead?