What Music Artists Have The Most Expensive Tours?

Virtually everyone in the modern world listens to music. The choices are wide in genres like rap, R&B, rock, or jazz. What’s more, even if you don’t have a choice song on your playlist, almost any song from any artiste is just a few scrolls and clicks away on an internet-enabled device. However, if you do more than just enjoy music in your comfort zone, i.e., you are a hardcore fan, it can be a bit expensive if you want to invest both time and resources following all their shows and tours. We know it’s all about fan love, but in case you are wondering, here’s which music artists have the most expensive tour.

Drake (Overall)

Aubrey Drake Graham, popularly known as Drake, takes the top position as the most expensive when it comes to seeing a music artist perform live across all genres. Despite performing just about 31 shows in the last five years, it will cost a diehard fan of drake approximately £12,600 to attend every one of those shows. That’s because, according to Betway, you would have needed about £405.87 to buy a ticket to one of these last 31 shows, which is one of his cheapest figures for resale tickets.

It’s no brainer that it cost this much to see Drake’s live shows as the Canadian-born rapper and R&B singer has positioned himself as an influential figure in modern popular music, with one of his albums, “Views,” spent 13 weeks on the top of the Billboard 200. At the time, he was the only male artiste to achieve such in over a decade. You can say he has never had a bad day in his musical career right from the start, as his first three albums, Thank me later, Nothing was the same, and Take care, were all huge successes.

Ed Sheeran (Pop)

Yes, it is your ever humble-looking Ed, sitting in the second position of artiste with the most expensive tours and also top in the Pop music category. Fondly referred to as lyrical genius for his heart-melting lyrics, Ed is no doubt a genius as he has written hit songs for many top artists like Eminem (River), Jess Glynne (Thursday), Justin Bieber (Love Yourself), Anne-Marie (2002), etc. Ed is a show monster, and that’s no overstatement as the Halifax born singer has performed 115 UK shows in the last five years. While Ed’s show’s cheapest ticket price is valued at £78.85, it will cost a hardcore Ed fan £9,067.75 to attend all shows in the last five years.

Metallica (Heavy Metal/Hard Rock)

Picking it from another genre, Metallica tops the table of artists with the most expensive tours from the hard rock/ heavy metal category. The band came into the scenes in 1981 and is loved for their fast-paced instrumentals and aggressive performance style, earning them a spot as one of the founders of Thrash Metal (a subgenre of heavy metal) alongside Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer. Hardcore lovers of Metallica attended all the band’s 24 shows in the last five years, with the lowest ticket costing around £107.07 and a total of £2,569.68 to be present at all the live shows.

Eminem (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Whether you belong to Generation Z or Millennials, you probably know Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers the third) as one of the greatest rappers in the music industry. Known also as Slim Shady, Eminem has recorded back-to-back hits since his debut album in 1996.  According to Betway, Eminem takes the third position behind Post Malone (13 shows in the last five years with the lowest resale ticket at £74.70) among hip-hop/rap artists with expensive tours. With his cheapest resale ticket costing around £75,  followers of Eminem’s show and tours spent around £702 on tickets alone to attend all 9 shows in the last five years.