FISO stands for Fantasy & Interactive Sports Online and was formed in March 2000. It is recognised as the focal website for the UK Fantasy Sports Community. It is a place where any player of any fantasy sports game can find fantasy sports news and resources and, more importantly, interact with our vibrant and friendly community which includes most of the fantasy sports game operators. Many of the ‘fantasy football superstars’ are regular posters in our moderarated forum and fantasy sports game winnings by players within our community is well in excess of £1 million. If you follow the community chat, you are virtually guaranteed to improve your game as a result and, who knows, maybe we'll see you on one of the major game leaderboards, such as Telegraph Fantasy Football or The Sun’s DreamTeam.

FISO Community

Online communities take two forms, the address book with groups style a la Facebook or forums. At FISO we use a forum which is moderated by approximately 30 forum moderators. Moderated forums provide a much better area for communal banter and discussion. This site is well and truly a community and we have a wide range of Forums covering Fantasy Sports games (obviously!) through to Sports discussions and other areas such as Betting, Music and Movies for our 10,000+ active members to use. FISO has its own Poker Society (with online games twice a week) and Golf Society. Some have also created their own informal Fantasy Football games which the community play.

Many people playing Fantasy Sports have similar backgrounds and similar interests and hence it is easy to make friends and enjoy the forum banter. A large number of our member base work in Accountancy, Banking, IT and Legal and come from the UK, Ireland and Australia. Most (but by no means all) of our members are Male and aged 20 to 50 and we have offline meet-ups as well (including Golf Days in England and Scotland) during the year. A group of our members also ran the 2007 Edinburgh Marathon (including one of our Female members) and are keen to raise further funds for charity via future marathons.

How To Get Involved

Easy, firstly register! This will result in an email notification sent to the email address you used to register (if you can't see this then check your junk email folder). Then, go to this forum to understand about Forum Etiquette and Terminology. Once your account is activated, choose a forum from the long list or go to the Latest Topics list. If you have something to say, say it! Don't be afraid, introduce yourself and say it loud and clear. That's it! You just became part of the biggest and best Fantasy Sports gaming community in the world!


Contact details for FISO Limited

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Company Number: 3906663. A company registered in England & Wales.

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