Unforgettable Premier League moments making history

It’s just fair to say that the Premier league is  one of the most popular and favourite competitions of both football fans and punters, especially as it gives unforgettable moments with a strong viewership and unparalleled betting value. In fact, going through bookmakers at https://allbets.tv/ one can easily see the distinctive place of Premier League bets, particularly as Premier League matches are a treat for the senses!

Throughout the 30-year life of the Premier League and over the course of thousands of football games, there have been a number of moments standing out and making history for one of the world’s most iconic tournaments. From outstanding and top-notch goals to surreal incidents and from unexpected and unimagined outcomes to somewhat not cheerful events, the Premier League is full of unforgettables.

The Premier League is not only loved for its amazing football games, especially among top clubs giving unique performances, but it is loved also because it gives football fans and viewers the chance to see and experience moments that have actually made history.

The all-time favourite “Aguerrroooo”!

It was the ending of the 2011/12 -the 20th season of Premier League featuring Manchester City fighting against Queens Park Rangers, while Manchester United playing against Sunderland. Manchester United was winning and was nearly certain that they were about to get their 13th title in the Premier League, once Man City got defeated by QPR. City was 2-1 down, but in a sudden twist of things, and in the last moments, the unthinkable did happen. Sergio Aguero scores and settles the title of the tournament! Martin Tyler, the commentator, screams “Aguerrrooooo” and ……. GOAL! It was the defining moment Manchester City would claim Premier League victory and would lay the path towards lifting the trophy for the first time, while beating its all-time, biggest rival, Manchester United! The rest is history.

Beckham’s iconic goal from his own half

It was the 1996/97 season, Manchester United playing against Wimbleton, when David Beckham at the age of 21 was about to make history with his wonder goal and launch a brilliant career. No matter whether you are a fan of Beckham or you think of him as one of the great football players of the Premier League, you simply can’t deny the astonishing goal he made from his own half, when he saw Wimbleton’s Sullivan off his line and chose to give it a shot!

Leicester winning the trophy!

For the first time in the history of the Club, the Foxes lifted the Premier League’s trophy in the 2015/16 season. Being an absolute underdog (bookmakers’ offered odds at 5.000-1) at the beginning of the season and nearly relegated at the end of the previous season, it took Leicester’s dedication, focus and commitment to gradually build their performance over the course of the games and in the end become the winner of the English Premier League – a league with all those top world-class football clubs competing for the trophy.

Eric Cantona’s outburst 

It was the 1995-96 season and Manchester United was playing against Crystal Palace, when a bizarre event took place, leading to a series of disciplinary actions. Eric Cantona, the French player of Manchester United was banned for nine-months from football, when he responded with a flying “kung-fu” kick to a Palace fan and launched himself to punch him after being shouted at and abused. Just moments before, Cantona was given a red-card for kicking Palace’s defender Richard Shaw and he was walking off, when the fan’s behaviour triggered his outburst. Notably, Eric Cantona recently admitted that he regrets not hitting the fan harder…. Although not a cheerful episode, it remains one of the most shocking ones that have marked the Premier League’s history.

Blackburn win

In the 1994-95 season Blackburn Rovers were about to write their own fairytale. There were two matches that would determine the winner of the third Premier League to be held since the beginning – Manchester United or Blackburn Rovers. The Rovers were losing 2-1 to Liverpool at Anfield, but at the same time Manchester United’s match at Upton Park with West Ham was ending with their defeat, crowning Blackburn the winners of the League. This had been the first victory for the club!