UK Betting on Fantasy Football and How it Works

UK Betting: What is Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is an interesting type of sport, which gives you an opportunity to get to know how it feels to be the owner of the squad. You create your squad and it competes with imaginary teams formed by other owners. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Rules of the game are as easy as UK betting on other kinds of sports. All you need for that is to find a reliable website, register and make your predictions. Fantasy football is even more interesting as it functions in the world, where you are the owner of the squad. So here is what you need to do to join this community.

Join the League

You need to register to become an owner, and there are two types of leagues: public and private. The public league is accessible for everybody, while private leagues require an invitation to join it. Some treat imaginary football as entertainment, others bet money on it like at So make sure that you have chosen the right league for you.

Scout Players and Prepare a Draft

Do a little research before you choose your fantasy team, as some players are stronger, others weak. Analyse and compare different squads to choose the best for yourself. It is important because a great squad will bring you great results.

Build Your Fantasy Team with a Draft

It is probably one of the most important and most exciting days in a fantasy league when you can choose the player for your league. That day all owners do it one by one until no players are left. Make sure you have players for all positions to form a complete team and start playing.

Teams Compete on the Weekly Basis

Fantasy league corresponds to the real one, so you also compete each week. Real statistics are converted into imaginary points. The squad which has the most points wins the game. The aim is to win as many games during the season as possible.

Make Moves to Improve the Team

Real owners have a chance to sell one player and buy another one, you have the same power and even more. You need to control the situation in a squad, change injured players for healthy ones, buy stronger and more skillful footballers and so on.

Who Wins?

At the end of the season, the strongest teams make up a tournament and compete with each other to win a trophy, a cash award or any other prizes. It is the crucial event of the whole season, as there can be only one winner.