Tottenham’s worst transfers: Benjamin Stambouli

Tottenham are a team that take a very responsible approach to every deal. However, this does not mean that it is immune from failures in the transfer market. By the way, all the football today with the participation of this team are covered in detail on the website of sports statistics.

The signing of Benjamin Stambouli is among Tottenham’s major transfer failures. The French midfielder joined the team in 2014. He costed the club only 5 million pounds. However, the expectations from this transfer were high.

Stambouli won Ligue 1 with Montpellier just a couple of years before. By the way, today’s football in France can be easily followed on the sports statistics website. So, Stambouli was one of the best supporting players in Ligue 1. Therefore, Spurs expected to seriously strengthen the center of the field with the help of this player.

However, Stambouli did not play good at all in the EPL. He played 12 games and only 4 times was in the starting lineup during the whole season. He did not perform any successful actions.

When the player entered the field, he was quite useless. He often made mistakes and could not prevent opponents’ attacks. Stambouli failed to interact with other performers. All this led to the fact that a year later he left the ranks of “Spurs”. To the surprise of many, in the summer of 2015, Tottenham not only managed to sell the midfielder, but even made money on him. He moved to PSG for £6 million.

Why didn’t the midfielder play good in the EPL?

The EPL is a championship where the speeds are noticeably higher than in France. Stambouli was not ready for them. By the way, if you are interested in the Premier League Table, then visit the sports statistics site.

Returning to Stambouli, it can be noted that the main reasons for his failures in the EPL were:

  1. Lack of confidence from the head coach. Mauricio Pochettino quickly became disillusioned with the Frenchman. After that, if he ever put him on the field, it was for just a short period of time.
  2. Injuries. Due to them, it took a long time for the player to gain his form. He lost his speed and tenacity. Because of this, the player could not show all his strong qualities on the field.
  3. Lack of chemistry with the other players. There was a lack of understanding between Stambouli and the other players, which led to falls and losing the ball.

As a result, the player did not help the team take a high place in the table of the English Premier League. The leave after just one year seemed to be a logical decision.

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