Top 5 Live Football Betting Strategies

Betting strategies are an important building block for successful football betting. To increase your chances of long-term profits, you should try out and follow different strategies. Even if luck is required to secure a win, you can reduce the risk of failure with the right betting strategy. As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In this article, we will explain our top 5 live soccer betting strategies. Of course, winning is not guaranteed. But the probability of landing a good tip is really high with our top five betting strategies.

Betting on a late goal

As the match is near its end, both team throws everything forward and wants to score the winning goal: At the end of a game, things often gets heated. And it is not uncommon for few goals to be scored. A live bet on “late goals” (76 – 90 minutes) achieves high odds (almost 2 on average) and has a probability of success of almost 60 percent. Especially when everything is at stake for both teams in a match or one of the teams looks extremely “battered”, betting on a late goal can be a really good strategy.

Betting on the next goal

In some phases of a game, a team builds up so much pressure that a goal is literally “in the air”. Here, a live bet on who will score the next goal can be immensely profitable. There are some special scenarios that makes it easier to choose the right team in soccer. If the favorite is behind, the probability increases many times over that it will subsequently build up a lot of pressure and come to score. A send-off also speaks in favour of a goal by the team playing outnumbered. You should follow the game closely in any case, because live impressions end up being the most important factor for your live betting strategy on the next goal.

Bet on over 1.5 goals

With the “Over 1.5 goals” bet, only two goals need to be scored in the entire match for you to win the bet. Hence, the odds are rather low. However, this can change during a live bet. Our tip is to pick a game in which you expect many goals and speculate that it will be quiet at first. If the game is still goalless after the opening phase (15th – 20th minute), the odds look much more lucrative. Winning your bet is quite likely, because two goals are quite possible with 70 minutes left.

Bet on a favorite win if there’s a deficit

When a top favorite is behind the underdog, especially at the start of a match, in many cases it still turns the game in its favour. This is what makes live betting on the favorite when trailing so lucrative. The odds are significantly higher than their value at the start of the match, although the probability of the favorite winning is still quite high. Even when trailing by two goals, favorite victories are not impossible, especially when the top team competes at home. The favorite win after trailing is a very good strategy in live football betting.

Bet on less than 4.5 goals at half time

This is a live bet with comparatively low risk. To do this, you have to look for several games in which only a maximum of one goal has been scored by halftime. Additionally, they should be low-chance games in which no special events such as a red card have taken place. Since 4 to 5 more goals within a half seem quite unlikely in soccer, the odds are relatively small. However, combining several games with this tip can be worthwhile – with a good chance of winning at the same time.


These are our top 5 football betting strategies which will surely help you win your next bets. Remember that each strategy is not for everyone. You should try these strategies and see which ones are profitable. If you get the hang of a certain strategy, then follow it and win bets at live football betting. For more tips and strategies on soccer betting, you can check out It is one of the top sites in Nigeria which presents live football odds and score.