Timeless Classics: The Top Three Champions League Finals of All Time

As the Champions League gets underway once again, people around the world are ecstatic as they wonder who will make it all the way to the final and lift the trophy this time around. We shiver with anticipation to find out but until then, all there is to do is look back at some of the most classic finals that have ever been played. 

AC Milan v Liverpool (2005) 

This is a final that we are unlikely to see again this year. According to the outright markets for Champions League betting with Paddy Power, Liverpool are currently priced at a reasonably strong 11/2 odds, whilst AC Milan are pegged at a less favourable 750/1. As such, this classic is unlikely to be one that we see a repeat of anytime soon.  

The game in 2005 really was a sight to behold: the final score of 3-3 already reflects a top-quality high scoring game; however, the build-up to that scoreline is what made this final such a spectacle. 

Liverpool managed to come back against the odds, despite initially being 3-0 down in the first half. With sheer grit, they ended up winning the game on penalties. The odds seemed stacked against them from the very beginning as Paolo Maldini managed to find the back of the net in the first minute. Going into the second half would surely have a daunting prospect for the Liverpool side, however, this didn’t deter Steven Gerrard, who managed to inspire his side to persist, in order to execute one of the most amazing comebacks that this tournament has ever borne witness to. 

Source: Pexels

Manchester United v Chelsea (2008) 

Though Ronaldo has been playing well since his return to Manchester United, this game saw him at his ultimate best. It was a direct reflection of what his future would be like as he was responsible for securing the team’s first and only goal in this 1-1 draw. 

Extra time couldn’t bring forward a result and so the game went to penalties in order to secure a winner. Edwin van der Sar was Manchester United’s hero of the game as he was able to stop Nicolas Anelka’s shot, securing the Red Devils the win in the conclusion of this absolutely epic end-to-end game of football. 

Photo by Jonathan Petersson from Pexels

AC Milan v Barcelona (1994) 

Even with seven of their most dangerous players missing, Milan were still successful with securing the Champions League win back in 1994. How did they do it? It all boils down to executing what can only be described as one of the most unbelievable performances in a Champions League final ever. The whole team came out on a mission as they worked in unison and managed to secure a more than convincing 4-0 victory against their rivals Barcelona.

What Will The Next Final Be Like? 

Of course, looking back on such legendary finals makes for exciting reading as we await what is going to happen this time around. The favourites are currently looking to be the likes of Manchester City, Bayern Munich, PSG and Liverpool. However, if those past games have taught us anything it is that you should expect the unexpected with the Champions League.