Tiger Woods Continues to Amaze

Some people feel as if golf has been one of those sports that has been sidelined. But then is that really the case? The history of golf is rather interesting. This sport was not a sport for the public but restricted to the upper classes back in the 15th century.

But let’s not get into that and instead, talk about the great men and women in the game of golf. According to reports found at newzealandbetting, the game has developed over the past years and it is anyone and everyone’s sport.

Tiger Woods

There is no way that we were going to talk about golf and not mention Tiger Woods. One of the greatest men in golf of all time. Have you ever just looked at someone whether in person or on the telly and asked yourself if they have golf blood running in their body?

For us, the person who makes us feel like that is Tiger Woods. Despite having a lot of problems and making the unwelcome news headlines he has been the greatest golfer. So even after the whole issue of being arrested, being in rehab etc he managed to come back better than before.

Betting on Tiger Woods has been very lucrative for people. When he is playing in a tournament the odds of the winner are influenced greatly. He is known to close out tournaments so as soon as he gets into the lead the odds on him winning are very low. Probably you are not a betting type of person then go for real money online slots that have golf themes.

If you disagree then answer this question for us. Who have you heard in the history of golf, who’s been a champion for over 13 years? And when we say champion we are talking about a person occupying the number one spot.