Three Sport-Themed Gaming Genres for Adults

Source: Unsplash

Fantasy sports teams and management are a great way to unwind. Yet, they can require a lot of brain power. The best results come from investing in teams, players and leagues, watching statistics and analysing form. Sometimes, this can be just as exhausting as running a team itself. Luckily, there are other ways you can play sports in different gaming genres.

Board Games 

There is a whole world of sporting-themed board games you can take part in. Some of them may be trivia-themed, while others may follow more of a classic race-and-chase approach. Others need you to use skill and dexterity in small challenges.  

Board games with sports themes had their heyday just before the advent of home video game consoles. The popular BBC television series ‘A Question of Sport’ had a popular tie-in, that acted like a trivial pursuit of the day with questions solely based on the sport. Fans of this type of title can still find mini editions of the game available in updated versions now.  

Source: Unsplash

Other games have variations on the dice and dash style title. Imagine a loose snakes and ladders style theme, where competitors must race to a finish. Today, the excellent v, a cycling-themed title, is one of the best in this field


On the surface, bingo, and sport may not have a lot in common. One is based on skill and physical ability, the other is a game of luck. Yet they do have many similarities, both containing an element of chance and a timed event leading to an eventful climax.  

There are many bingo titles available online that use sport as a narrative theme. Many of the bingo sites UK will have a host of themed bingo titles. Mainly, these are derived from fishing scenarios, but other games have also been known to exist, from F1 to Football. They will often operate very much like a normal slot title but include symbols and bonuses featured in the sport itself. Many of them have great introductory offers, so you don’t even need to use your bankroll to try them.  

Card Games 

The sports card is a hallowed tradition in the US. Over in the UK, it has always been somewhat superseded by the Panini sticker album. Yet modern cards have taken a cue from popular competitive card games like Magic: The Gathering and introduced new skills and statistics that allow players and teams to face off against each other.  

One of the most immersive card-based games is The Football Game. Imagine yourself playing Football Manager, but with cards and dice. While these will decide what happens in matches, you must also juggle everything that goes on behind the scenes. This includes keeping fans happy, managing the board, press scandals and player injuries. You will soon find yourself immersed and at times, find yourself tearing your hair out.  

These games are just a few sporting genres you may wish to try. If you have friends to play with then you may wish to attempt each one. You may just find a new hobby.