Three cool activities to try if you‘re a fantasy football fanatic

If you’re a big fan of fantasy football and are looking for some other, similar hobbies or activities –look no further than this article. We have specially curated a list of three fun activities related to fantasy football, that you are sure to enjoy.

1) Online sports betting

Online soccer sports betting is becoming an increasingly popular hobby among fantasy football fans, and sports lovers in general. Soccer Saturday Super 6 app is a great place to start your sports betting. You get to place predictions on games for free, all while standing the chance to win the big one million pound jackpot at stake! The app is incredibly easy to download and navigate, and is compatible with Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices, as well as some Windows Mobile phones too. As an app owned by Sky, your account is synced with other Sky apps such as Bet Sky and Sky Vegas. This means that you do not have to make multiple accounts for all of these apps, which saves you a great deal of time. As the top free weekly football prediction game on the market, Soccer Saturday Super 6 has some great features including the ability to view your in-play progress, the results from previous rounds, as well as the league table. You also have the ability to share your predictions with your friends which is a very useful feature.

2) Social football

Chances are that if you are a fan of fantasy football; you enjoy the games as a whole. However, while most football fans play in High School, they often become discouraged from playing further at all if they are not good enough for a professional team. However, just because you’re not going to be a football star, it does not mean that you are relegated to being a spectator forever. Organising a local game of social football once a week, with your friends and people in your community, is a fun activity and also a good form of exercise too! Have a look online, as you may find that your town, like New York City, may have their own established social football league that you can join.

3) Football stars’ memoirs

This is a good idea for those days when you want something low key to do. Reading some of your favorite football stars’ autobiographies is a fun thing to do. You will be surprised how much you did not know about their lives and all the secrets behind the scenes. Here is a list of ten of the best football books. So many good ones to choose from, you will have your bookshelf stocked until next year with awesome reading material.

So there you have it, three cool fantasy football related hobbies and activities for you to try out; online sports betting, playing some social football with your friends, and gaining some deeper insight into the thoughts and lives of your most admired football players through reading their published memoirs.