The most common football betting strategies you should focus on

People use online bookmakers to bet on all sorts of sports. Even though certain options are becoming more popular every year, football will likely continue to be the first sport that people wager on. That’s the reason why there are all kinds of football betting strategies out there, some of which are created by bettors with many years of experience.

Some people do not pay attention to these strategies because they think they don’t need them. However, many users always check for more information before placing a bet, especially if they decide to punt on a given football league they’re unfamiliar with. 

You may come across a variety of strategies for betting on football, but not all of them will work. Fortunately, the options you are about to see have proven themselves over time. In fact, you can find them on most sites that provide tips, which is an indication that they usually work.

The proportional betting strategy

This is one of the most common and sought-after betting strategies you will come across. Even though most punters use it when betting on football, it can be applied to pretty much any sport. As its name suggests, the proportional betting system requires bettors to use a specific amount of money, depending on their available funds. 

In other words, this is a complex strategy where there are many things you need to take into account before choosing the amount you will bet with. For example, you need to pay attention to things like the markets, the odds, your experience, game knowledge, and overall risk management. Some people prefer to take more risks than others, so they decide to use more money while betting. However, you can also find punters who are more conservative, which is why they prefer to use smaller amounts.

Some users increase the amount they use per bet based on their overall success. In other words, those who win more tend to wager more money, whereas those who fail to predict their bets usually wager less.

The Fibonacci betting system

Although this is probably the most interesting betting system here, not that many people use it because it seems really strange. However, it is one of the common football betting tips you may come across, so we’ve decided to feature it.

Named after a popular Italian mathematician, the Fibonacci system consists of numbers, where every number in the sequence shows the sum of the other two. The idea here is to place bets according to the number sequence because it should allow you to recover your losses over time. 


Some people who bet on football don’t have enough experience, so they don’t want to follow the complex betting systems. Many players just want to have fun, which is why they usually follow the classic “All-in” system. Even people who are not involed in iGaming are familiar with it because it requires users to bet on something using everything they have.

The idea behind the “All-in” strategy is to introduce a “high risk, high reward” option. People who use all of their available funds to bet on a given football team risk a lot because they can lose everything. However, if they predict their bet, they will receive a larger amount of money.

Since the “All-in” strategy is risky, some people start by wagering everything. With that being said, once they win, they switch to another system, such as the ones mentioned above.

Final thoughts

Every betting strategy for football mentioned above can work for some people. However, you shouldn’t expect to predict your bets simply by following these options. Unfortunately, neither of these starts can guarantee a profit, no matter how good you are. Therefore, always be careful what you bet on and try to learn as much information about the given event as possible.