The most anticipated EPL matches of the second half of the season

The second half of the English Premier League has already begun. The intrigue is alive! Can Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal, who have been showing strong performances till football matches today, clinch the league title for the first time? Or will a consistently strong Manchester City take the gold?

We have selected for you the top ten most anticipated games in the second part of the season:

  1. MU – Man City.
  2. Tottenham vs Arsenal.
  3. Liverpool – Chelsea.
  4. Arsenal – Man City.
  5. Arsenal vs Man City.
  6. Liverpool v Man City.
  7. Man City v Liverpool.
  8. Liverpool vs Arsenal.
  9. United Kingdom vs Chelsea.
  10. Arsenal – Chelsea.

Each of these encounters is worthy of a detailed analysis.

MU vs. Man City (20th round)

One of the most difficult today’s football matches for Eric ten Haag. In the first round his MU conceded as many as 6 goals from Guardiola’s Man City and were thrashed 3-6. Need to rehabilitate and win at home to fight for 1st place further.

Tottenham vs Arsenal (20th round)

A classic North London derby. In the first half, Arsenal won confidently at home, 3-1. Therefore, Tottenham want to take revenge.

Liverpool – Chelsea (21st round)

A match between top clubs and longtime rivals. Can Graham Porter at the helm of Chelsea beat Jurgen Klopp for the first time? Liverpool play at home, so there is not much chance for the Chelsea pensioners.

Arsenal vs. MU (21st round)

Home to their only away defeat of the season (1-3), they suffered their first defeat of the season. At home, the Gunners intend to take revenge, take 3 points and strengthen their position in first place.

Arsenal v Man City (12th round)

The match of the 12th round was postponed, the teams have not yet met. Both clubs have shown the best EPL live scores in the first part of the season. “Man City now has a -7 point lead and must win!

Liverpool vs MU (26th round)

A classic derby between two superclubs. MU won in the 1st round – 2-1 at home. However, on Merseyside the favorite is Klopp’s team. Both teams are fighting for 2nd place.

Man City vs. Liverpool (29th round)

A super derby between the two best coaches in England, Guardiola and Klopp. Both mentors have excellent performances. Liverpool won (1-0) in the first half. Man City expects only to win in the 29th round, otherwise the citizens will not take the gold. And if you do not want to miss a single moment from the world of soccer, go to the site where the EPL scores are available live. This platform is trusted by the fans.

Liverpool vs Arsenal (30th round)

Another match between two longtime irreconcilable rivals. On Matchday 10, Arsenal got a hard-fought victory with a score of 3-2. However, given the powerful attack of Liverpool, it will be very difficult for the Londoners to leave their goal dry.

MU – Chelsea (32nd round)

Once upon a time, these superclubs took 1st and 2nd place. Currently, MU is in third place, while Chelsea are in an embarrassing ninth place. It was a 1-1 draw in the first leg.

Arsenal – Chelsea (34th round)

Another fascinating London derby. Arsenal won the first match away with a score – 1-0. The second match at the 34th round will bring the Canons closer to the gold, and the home stands will drive the club to attack.