The Key Differences between Regular Betting and Fantasy Sports Betting

Whether you’re a fantasy sports fan, or are more into regular sports betting, you’ll know for yourself that the two are very different. If you’re wanting to move from one type of betting to another, or even just to know and understand the differences between them, then you’re in the right place.

The Basics
Fantasy sports betting is different to regular online sports betting. Let’s say you’re a football buff, and that you’ve had some experience in online football betting before. You know about the general types of bets you can make, and obviously everything about potential outcomes for players and teams etc, but this is where fantasy football betting differs from regular football betting.

With regular betting, you place a deposit on a predicted outcome, or several outcomes. With fantasy football, you create your own team of players who you think will shine, score and perform the best in future games. This therefore calls for an entirely different betting strategy, as you’re competing against other players in a league rather than betting on your own predictions. In the end, the best teams in the fantasy league winning prizes.

For more details on what you should be looking out for when making fantasy sports bets, check out this helpful guide to fantasy sports betting here.

Regular vs Fantasy Sports Betting

With both regular betting and fantasy sports betting, there are cash prizes to be won. As mentioned above, with regular betting, you are only betting against yourself; with fantasy betting, you are in a competition with other people who have picked their own fantasy sports teams. Therefore, winning (or losing) becomes about pride, in addition to the potential returns. This is where betting strategy comes into play – as well as betting practice.

As is the case with most games, bets and well, life – having a strategy and knowing what is the best line of action will help you to succeed or win more. So will reading up and researching on the sport you’re betting on beforehand, and getting to know the ins and outs of the players, teams, leagues and events. The more you can learn about all of the above – especially in fantasy football – the better your best and outcomes will be. After all, fantasy sports betting is still relatively new to the UK.

This is also true for fantasy football betting – and any fantasy sport betting – you’re betting on a specific player, on the success for one matchday, weekend or event. Therefore you need to be in the know of how your players are currently – are there any health injuries, or arguments with their teammates, a potential transfer in the offing or suchlike? Knowing about any and all recent developments (rather than depending on what’s happened in the past, as you would do with regular sports betting) is much more relevant, and will help your bets go further.

Getting Started with Fantasy Sports Betting
To start betting on daily fantasy sports, you need to join a league – for betting on daily fantasy football, for example, you can join various fantasy football leagues (be aware – these are usually country-dependent) and play against others. The two most well-known are DraftKings and FanDuel, and they ask you to choose your team within a certain salary range (salaries are provided to you), before entering your team into leagues – either against unknown opponents (usually for the bigger prizes), or to create your own league with your friends (for much smaller prizes, but perhaps a better chance of winning.