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Many things are happening during the current season of the English Premier League. For example, when reviewing today’s football results of the competition, it is possible to say that Manchester City is having a great run. However, not everybody at the team seems to be having a good moment.

This is because Benjamin Mendy, the French defender who plays both for City and the France National football team has been in jail for a few weeks already, and it seems that he will not be freed anytime soon.

This has resulted from an accusation made by several English women who claimed to have been sexually attacked by the player. After the accusations, Manchester City took a number of measures, which included:

  • removing all references to Mendy from its stores;
  • automatically suspending Mendy from all the activities of the first team;
  • and many others!

Apparently, the closest date he could be freed is on the 24th of January 2022. This is because this is the date when the trial will take place. Regardless of the final outcome of this story, the future of Mendy at Manchester City is totally unclear, yet, the team seems to continue to perform quite well. This can be deduced after looking at its football results today’s and other important statistics.

All football fans can review the best La Liga scores

There have been two coaches who have been extremely important for Real Madrid during recent seasons. They are Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane. Both of them have spent two spells at the squad, and the Italian continues at the helm of the Spanish squad. Of course, he will make a huge effort in bringing positive La Liga scores and results to his squad. There are many differences that can be established between the Italian and the Frenchman, which can help fans to understand how Ancelotti is working.

First of all, Vinicius is a player that has been much more of a protagonist under Ancelotti. While he also played a lot with Zidane, there were many occasions when the Frenchman decided to choose alternatives.

Also, Ancelotti wants to take a much more dynamic approach when compared with Zidane. In general, Zidane wanted to have a solid squad who had possession of the ball as the main defense tool. However, the Italian wanted to make the team more mobile, which has resulted in scoring more goals, but also conceding more of them. Yet, it is necessary to have adequate players for this kind of role. However, Casemiro, David Alaba and Vinicius Jr have proven to have a great physical shape to work with this style.

Finally, Gareth Bale is a player that is having its fair share of problems at Real Madrid, and Ancelotti has decided to take an approach much different with him than the one followed by Zidane. For now, it is unclear how the Welsh player will contribute for the scores La Liga that the squad obtains. However, he has received a confidence boost from the current coach, who wants to have him in action once he recovers from his injuries.