The Best Football Stats and H2H results for Expert Analysis

When you are going to bet or trade on football matches, you usually pay attention to the form stats. The very next thing you need to check are the head to head trends. Moreover, you can see the football stats on ExtraTips and if you are German you can check the German versions. It is always better to reassure the stats that are being backed by H2H stats. In this article, we are going to explain how you can benefit from H2H trends and also will help you use these smart H2H columns.

What is Head to Head?

It is basically a record of teams that are playing against each other. Actually, the two teams always play two matches in a season. One in their home ground and second in other ground. H2H trends will help you get a pattern of how a team performs in their home and away. Moreover, it will give you a pattern of the goals they score and another kind of patterns. For example, if two teams of the same city are playing in their home ground then these stats can go wrong. But you can still get some opportunities for trade or bet by looking at some H2H records.

There is the following type of stat tables you can find

H2H No – it is the stats of matches played between the teams

H2H% or average – it is basically the percentage of goals and winnings, etc.

If you want to find the best possible records, then go for H2H%.

Looking for Bets and Trades with H2H

When you are able to understand the stats, you can get a good opportunity for the betting. For example, if a match is backed with high percentage then you can see some more details to get an idea where you need to bet.

Are the H2H Stats Being Enough to Place a Bet?

The goal market does not rely on little information. You need more analysis before taking any action. If the stats are showing the results of the previous 7 matches, then this information is not enough. There must be some other odds too that can affect the situation. Another thing, you can look is the number of key players such as strikers and defenders. You need to watch them playing and you need to check the weather forecast. Weather can affect the playing surface and the match can be delayed. For example, a match is going to held in Scotland in the evening. You need to see the weather condition and the morale of the team. If you get all of this information right, there are great chances of winning the bet.

Other opportunities

Another way you can use these stats are sending off markets and bookings. These stats will give you an idea but, in the end, the decision is up to you. They are not enough to take the decision whether you put your bet or not. But they are very helpful for the analysis of the match.