The Best Cashback Betting Sites

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Online betting involves a lot of luck, and sometimes you may not have the best day. In this case, you can suffer some losses and feel discouraged about continuing to wager.

However, there is a way for online betting sites to help you minimize your losses. This comes in the form of cash back incentives, which work very simply. If you are eligible for a cashback on your bet, you will see a percentage of your losses being returned to your account.

Usually, cashback is given out in the form of bonus money and not as withdrawable funds, but it is very popular among players. If you are wondering about the specifics of how to find the best cashback betting sites, then this article is the right one.

Types of Cashback

All sorts of markets may be available for cashback, including fantasy football, but there are different types of cashback offers that you can get. Let’s take a closer look.

Classic Cashback

This is the most simple type of cashback that you can get on the vast majority of sports betting sites. They will give you the chance to get a percentage of your lost stakes in cash or bet credit.

A classic cashback offer may be available for bets during the day or the entire week, and it is a set percentage of the losses you will get back. Usually, the percentage is between 5% and 30%. It may be valid for all sports or just a select few.

Risk-Free Bet

This is a type of free bet offer, and it can also be considered a cashback, as you get the value of your stake back if you lose your initial bet. Once again, there is always a maximum value that you can potentially get back.

Some betting sites will look to promote certain markets, like fantasy sports, and they will offer special risk-free bets to punters.

Bore Draw, Money Back

A bore draw, money back cashback offer is one of the most frequent ones you can find in reliable sports betting sites. With this bet, you basically get your money back in case the game ends in a draw. Note the markets that it is eligible for, and you can feel free to claim the offer.

No Goals, Money Back

This is a very similar offer to the previous one, and it includes getting a part of your stake back if there are no goals in the game.

How to Find the Best Cashback Betting Site

Finding the best gambling cashback sites can seem a bit intimidating to newbies in the industry. However, as we are a team of independent experts in the betting sector, we have compiled a list of the crucial steps you need to take to ensure you find the best cashback betting site.

Security and Reliability

Of course, you always need to take a look at how secure a certain online betting site is before you decide to register and leave personal information. There are plenty of general tips you can use to avoid being scammed on the internet that you can use for betting sites, but checking the site’s license and certifications are essential steps.

Usually, a reliable bookie will have the license information on the footer of the homepage, and should it contain a license from respected regulators such as the UKGC, MGA, Curacao, etc., you have nothing to worry about.

Cashback Offers

Now that you know the online bookie is a reliable one, you can proceed and check what types of promotions it has to offer, including the details of any cashback incentive.

All promotions, including the cashback offers, are stored in the “Promotions” section on the website, so make sure to visit that page and see all the essential details.

Payment Methods

Not every player has the same taste in payment methods. Some prefer debit or credit cards, others are more into e-Wallets, and more enthusiastic ones like cryptocurrencies.

This is why it is important for any online betting site to have a wide range of safe payment methods integrated. Remember that you also have a responsibility to protect your credit or debit card details from being accessed by unwanted third parties.

Customer Support

Finally, should you ever have any questions or queries during your betting adventure, you need to know that a professional, responsive, and friendly support team will be there to assist you.

You can get more information about the support from any betting site by reading reviews and online forms from real players.


Cashback incentives are without a doubt one of the most popular promos that a sports betting site can offer to its customers. Everyone can have a bad day of betting, and thanks to cashback offers, unlucky players will get to retrieve some of the money they have lost.

Therefore, it is always a good sign if you are eligible to claim a cashback offer, but never rush into it. Remember that all bonuses and promotions have certain terms and conditions that you need to go through before claiming them. You need to be 100% sure that the cashback offer is ideal for you before you engage with it.