The Best Apps for Fantasy Sports

Photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash

Fantasy sports are a fun way to get in on the action with your favorite teams. Leagues exist for all major sports, giving fans an entertaining way to test their knowledge of the game and engage in friendly competition with each other.

They also motivate sports enthusiasts to dig deeper into the sports they love and look beyond their favorite teams to gain a better understanding of the game. Plus, they’re a lot of fun and don’t require a huge time commitment. The right apps can help you track all of the moving parts of your team, so keep reading to learn about the best apps for fantasy sports.

CBS Fantasy Sports

If you’re looking for an all-in-one app to handle all of your fantasy sports teams, look no further than CBS Fantasy Sports. As sports betting has become a central part of the fan experience, many fans use apps to closely track the odds of their favorite teams. This app makes it easy to follow what’s happening in all the major sports, allowing users keep up with stats and other information pertinent to their fantasy teams. From mock drafts to player news, you’ll find everything here. The app covers fantasy football, hockey, baseball, and basketball.

ESPN Fantasy

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As the biggest name in sports, it’s no surprise that ESPN has an outstanding app for fantasy sports. Whether you want to participate in a fantasy football or a fantasy basketball league, ESPN has you covered.

It features a user-friendly, sleek interface that’s easy to navigate and is one of the best platforms for keeping up with friends. You can use it to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in your sport.

Under the notifications tab, you’ll find a wealth of information, including score updates, injury updates, and whether a bench warmer is predicated to outscore a starter. It also has a vast user base and continues to grow in popularity, so you’ll be in good company while using it.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

While not as well-known as the first two apps mentioned in this article, Yahoo Fantasy Sports is one of the best available. It’s one of the largest players in this arena and provides users with an array of tools for tracking their preferred teams and players.

Within the app, you can create or join public leagues and modify roster and scoring settings. It also has a ranking system you can use to keep track of wins and other stats. However, if you want to unlock the app’s better features, like start/sit advice, expert rankings, the research assistant, and advanced stats, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee.

NFL Fantasy Football

The NFL Fantasy Football app is the best choice for anyone participating in fantasy football. It’s the league’s official app and is free to use. It keeps users updated on the latest news and player stats; plus, you can use it to watch the greatest hits videos featuring your players every week.

You can use it to join existing leagues or start one of your own and invite friends to participate. If you need a little help with the drafting process, you can go through the app’s mock draft to learn the ropes. It’s also easy to configure lineups and set up trades using this app.

Podcast Addict

This app is an excellent alternative to text-based ones for supplementing your fantasy sports experience. The Podcast Addict hosts daily and weekly discussions, projections, plays, and more. It’s great to tune into on a long commute to and from work or on those days when you’re not in the mood to do a lot of reading.

Information is everything when it comes to fantasy sports, and this app makes sure you keep up with the most important things happening around the different leagues you’re tracking. You can download the podcasts to listen to offline, and it’s easy to keep up with the latest episodes.