The 5 Most Popular Slot Games in the Casino World according to CasinoCircle

Slot games have taken over in the world of online casino. Though they have been around since the 19th century, it wasn’t until the internet age that they really started to make their mark and the technological advances throughout the 21st century have helped create some quite wonderful titles.

Every few months CasinoCircle do a full landscape search to scope out the games that are popping within the industry, and for the first time, they’d like to share their list with the readers at

So, without further ado, let them guide you through the current 5 most popular slot games in the world of online casino in their own words.…

1. Starburst

There probably isn’t another slot game more recognisable than Starburst. Since its birth in 2013 it has almost always been atop of the slot game tree, and in its own way, Starburst is the Tiger Woods of the slots world as it transcends genres like few else can.

But what makes this game so popular isn’t a ridiculously fun and convoluted bonus round or particularly exciting reel to reel action, it’s actually its simplicity which has won it so many supporters; there is no bonus round at all on Starburst and the reels are as basic as a basic bitch.

Starburst is also usually the assigned slot for welcome offer free spins too due to that simplicity, because even someone who has never played a slot game before can enjoy it and know just what to do.

And for those veterans out there, it’s also a great back-to-basics slot which cuts out the bullshit and just focuses on the pure beauty of slot gaming. Lovely lovely.

For stats fans; the house edge is 3.9%, there are 5 reels and 10 paylines.

2. Bonanza

Created in 2016, Bonanza almost immediately rocketed its way into the top 20 and has been there ever since. Throughout 2018, Bonanza has fluctuated throughout the top 10 but right now its more popular than ever, and has firmly cemented its place at number two over the past few months.

So, what makes it so great? Well, almost everything, really. The visuals are awesome, the symbols are silky smooth, the reels are funky and quirky, and the scene surrounding the paylines is lush.

Unfortunately, though, Bonanza doesn’t offer a bonus round instead what they offer is a free spin every time you hit a win which is a lovely little feature and can provide with you some really big wins off just one paid spin.

But whereas Starburst is the game for the newbies, this is the game for those searching for something a bit more from their slots. And they certainly do find it on Bonanza.

Stats? 4% house edge, 6 reels and 117,649 (!) paylines.

3. Gonzo’s Quest

Another game, and, just like Starburst, another NetEnt game. For those of you unfamiliar with NetEnt, they’re basically the Roger Federer of the Casino World; consistently excellent, classy, striking, and precise.

NetEnt very rarely let you down, and what they have created with Gonzo’s Quest is a real thing of beauty with lovely visuals, alluring symbols, and a very decent bonus round.

The bonus round itself comes around pretty often and consists of 10 free spins and a potential multiplier of x15. The potential wins in this round really are huge, especially considering that hitting five of the best paying symbols in a row pays out 2,500/1.

A 2013 game, Gonzo’s Quest is probably the bridge between Starburst and Bonanza. It’s very easy to play, but not overly simplified, and will be enjoyed by veterans and newbies alike.

In terms of the stats, we’re at a 4% house edge, we’ve got 5 reels, and 20 paylines.

4. Book of Dead

Book of Dead is a consistent performer, but I really cba to compare it to another sportsman so just take my analogy as read. Created in 2014, this Play’n Go creation took a little bit of time to gather fanfare, but over the past two years it has rarely dropped out of the top 5.

Sitting at number four right now, there could be an argument for a higher placing because in terms of visuals alone, there is no better game on this list – they’re just so glossy, crisp and beautiful.

The gameplay ain’t half bad either with silky smooth animations and transitions, plus a gamble feature which gives you the ability to double your earnings on every win by making a 50/50 choice between red and black.

There is a bonus round on here, but it just consists of free spins, little more, and it’s another one of those games that will suit all audiences. Nothing to confuse the newbies, and more than enough to entertain the vets.

Stats wise we’re looking at a 3.79% house edge, 5 reels and 10 paylines.

5. Immortal Romance

The oldest game on the list, Immortal Romance is a 2011 creation, and in truth, a bit of an outsider here, but at the time of writing, it has just sneaked in to a top 5 which is absolutely teeming with quality.

And I know what you’re on about to say, “What the hell is this doing in the top 5?” because once you land on the page and see the reels you can’t help but feel of shrill of disappointment and sadness run through your body, because, let’s face it, Immortal Romance looks like utter crap.

But, hey, when have you ever been told to judge a book by its cover? I know you probably do it all the time, but you shouldn’t, and you definitely shouldn’t here because once you scratch beneath the surface, a lovely little game is waiting for you.

There are four different bonus rounds bursting with multipliers and with just a 30p bet, it’s capable to win up to £729,000. That’s why this game is so popular.

And one more time, the stats: 3.14% house edge, 5 reels and 243 paylines. Love-ly.

All these lovely games and more can be played over at CasinoCircle and they also have a grand selection of exclusive casino bonuses for you to take advantage of too.

Happy gaming!