TFF Winning Team for 2015/16

Here is an account of Roy Frost’s winning TFF team of ‘City Aguero’ which was formed before the first Monday night game (10th August) West Brom v Man City. It included Aguero who was on the bench and M Ritchie who looked good for Bournemouth. So this was a City block team:
Hart, Kompany, Sagna, Kolarov, Mangala, Silva, Toure, Navas, Ritchie, Sterling & Augero.

Man City’s 5 clean sheets to start the season gave this team a great start. Early on it became obvious that Vardy and Mahrez were players that were performing and so cheap so these were the first two transfers on 26th September after Tot v Man City 12:45 and Leicester v Arsenal where the Gunners won 5 to 2 but Vardy scoring a brace. The players taken out were Mangala & Navas.

4th October brought in Ozil for Sterling as Man U game was a bonus and some good match ups for Arsenal. This was a key move as Ozil made loads of points and remained in till the end.

Week 11 – next transfer was Augero injury so took him out for Sanchez on 16th October (so didn’t forget the next day) and on 17th October bought in C Dawson & Costa for Kolarov and Silver (more Man City injuries).

Costa got 13 points and swapped for Lukaka on 1st November followed by Ritchie for Barkley a week later as Everton had a great run of games, this turned out to be great timing as they both scored great points.

21st November and Augero is fit again so swapped Sanchez for him.

29th November was a ‘big move’ swapping Man City defenders for Arsenal (Man City struggling and Arsenal had a great match ups) so dropped Kompany, Hart and Sanga for Bellerin (kept till end), Monreal (also until end) and Cech.

Augero injury again so swapped for Kane on 13 December.

28th December Arsenal playing 5:30 so swapped Barkley for Mertesacker (this turned out to be a bad move as he got injury and I kept him in for several weeks without playing).

29th December, Augero playing again so my strategy was to always have him playing so Lukaka dropped.

Now lost it: googled African Cup of Nations and read an article from previous year! Let’s not go there, so removed Toure for Sterling on 9th January.

WK 25 Sterling gets injured so swapped for D Ali on 24th January. And also took out Vardy for Giroud at the same time, he stays for three weeks getting a grand total of 6 points! At this point the team was in 21st place but 78 points off lead. Then after the FA cup games 30th and 31st January it dropped to 46th and 99 points off lead.

3rd February – Mahrez and Giroud out Barkley and Lukaka back in (for rest of season).

After 14th February games, team in 50th Place 92 points behind. On the 20th Feb after FA cup games it was 108 points behind.

Augero yet again injury, dropped for Costa on 21st February, at the same time I finally gave up on Mertesacker ever playing again and swapped for Payet (great move and he stayed until the end)

27th February I finally jumped on the Dier bandwagon dropping Dawson (another great move).

On 2nd March, Augero playing again so Costa dropped.

Now Cech gets his injury and after a great deal of looking at the match ups, Schmeichel is the replacement (5th March), great move as he has a string of clean sheets. Before the move the team was in 25th place 95 off the lead and after it was in 15th, 74 behind.

On 14th March removed D Ali for Mahrez (silly move but moved into 9th place 58 off the lead), but even more stupid was the fact I tool Mahrez back out on 20th March and, wait for it, bought in Wijnaldum!!!

International break and lots of time to think, with still having 9 transfers and Everton having 10 or 11 games left to Tottenham’s and Leicester’s 7 that became 6 before Everton played, made some bold moves on 3rd April – Kane out and Vardy (Villa game) in then the move that almost lost it Schmeichel, Wijnaldum & Dier all dropped for Robles, Lennon & Coleman.

Everton had good match ups but were so bad and of course the players I took out scored loads of points. Still can’t believe that this mistake didn’t destroy the teams chances but it just goes to show, never give up.

10th April decided that Leicester were getting tense and Man Utd were in the cup so Vardy out for Mata, at first this looked to be am error but not in the end.

Coleman got injured and that helped as he was replaced by Koscielny on 17th April.

After Thursday night arsenal v West Brom it was in 10th place 51 off the lead,

On 23rd April took out Augero for Rashford with the intention of bringing in Cech for Robles the following day but at the last minute changed that to bringing in Sanchez as they played Sunderland and Norwich so Sanchez must score – not! If it had been Cech, it was a walk in the park as Robles did not score a single point in the last 4 games.

With one transfer left the decision was which Man Utd player in for who. In the end on 1st May went for Rooney in place of Sanchez as was so far off the lead (31 off the lead), needed to make the team very different from the top of the table teams and couldn’t see anyone bringing in Rooney. Somehow this all worked, still not sure how but an amazing last weekend followed by Man Utd last week and having the top three fantasy scorers in the team rocketed City Augero to number one!

As you can see there were some very bad transfers as well as some good ones but it just goes to show you can make lots of errors and still win.

The top 20 teams in TFF for 2015/16:

Position Manager Team Name Points
1 Roy Frost city Aguero 2131
2 Andrew Jones Devilsweep 16 2121
3 Lee Fricker Superman 38 2115
3 David Watson Winetotal 2115
5 Sandor Kovacs sou11 2114
6 Keith Williams corniish knocker 2105
7 Russell Malt El Phantasmo 2097
8 Dave Thompson bantamsmc5 2095
9 David Browne Relegated Gunners 2092
10 Andrew Bates Waratahs 2088
11 Peter Roberts Robbo’s Hotshots 2086
12 Geoffrey Tattersall Tatt’s Tigers 2084
13 Simon Allen Hyperion 2083
14 Lee Fricker Superman 10 2082
14 Gez Batchelor Gezzy’s Giants 2082
14 David Watson Corkies 2082
17 Lee Bowyer Zero Tolerance 2081
18 David Holdroyd southern spurs 2079
19 Jamie Baer Si’s Southampton 2078
19 Neil Perkins Strummerville 2078