TFF Winning Team 2018-19

Adrian Frost won Telegraph Fantasy Football (TFF) for the 2nd time (!) with his entry ‘Live Mix’. This was a ‘late’ entry on Sunday 12th August, and with only three games remaining of the 1st round of EPL matches, the selection was restricted to those teams. (For the build up to the last match in TFF 2018/19 (the 2019 FA Cup Final) and some more details on Adrian’s previous wins, check out our earlier TFF article).

The starting 11 for his Live Mix team was:
Alisson, Van Dyke, Robertson, Trent Alexander-Arnold , Gomez, Mahrez, Sterling, Redmond, Sane, Salah, Aguero, So ten players from Man City and Liverpool (with the entire Liverpool backline).

The team slipped away into oblivion hitting 59,532 position but recovered very nicely and was in the top 1,000 in December with ZERO transfers used. Realising that this was a very strong position Adrian took the view that he would only concentrate on this one team. Adrian made his first transfer on 5th December when Aguero was injured.

The grid below prepared by a fiso forum member, ffstuff, summarises all the details on Adrian’s transfers and positions for his winning team.

Published on this fiso forum TFF topic by ffstuff

Adrian’s final team was: E Moraes, K Walker, V Kompany, A Laporte, A Robertson, Trent Alexander Arnold, B Silva, R Sterling, E Hazard, S Aguero & Jimenez. This was one player difference to the team in second place with just the FA Cup Final to play and B Silva outscored his Deulofeu by 6 so Adrian won by 13 points.

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