Fantasy Sports: NFL Strategy Guide You Should Use

view of fifty yard line from sideline of football field

Fantasy sports season is always an exciting time for enthusiasts. One of the keenly competed fantasy sports is the NFL, as expected from its legions of fans. A key motivation for competing is having the bragging rights of being a league winner and getting the predetermined prices.

A fantasy league team consists of 12 players and a host of substitutes. Every league winner needs a corresponding winning strategy. Hence, aspiring participants of the daily fantasy football league must adopt the right method from the very beginning. Since many unverifiable systems abound, here’s an ultimate strategy guide to use for aspiring winners.

  1. Draft Players Based On Their Skills And Queue Multiple Players

Leaving multiple potential players in a queue is a great strategy to do. It protects you from making desperate picks if your priority choices are unavailable during early picks. Having this kind of queue prepares you for the worst possible situation—that everyone has already been taken during the drafting.

Also, individuals who own NFL fantasy leagues have their favourite teams, and their love for the team remains unwavering even when the current team line-up is weak. However, there’s no place for sentimentality in a fantasy league because you want the best real-world players on your imaginary team to boost your winning chances.

  1. Use The Right Strategy And Make Instant Changes

Your drafting strategy must be written down properly or mentally recorded before proceeding with drafting. The importance of each position should be a primary guide to which ones come first. Conventionally, kickers and defence players should be left for the later rounds while the running back (RB) and wide receivers (WR) are given maximum attention. Tight ends and quarterbacks can fall within the middle rounds of the drafts.

Also, you must note that there’s a degree of probability involved in the fantasy league. Even though you have a strategy, you mustn’t pass over unexpected opportunities to draft top tier players. Such opportunities may completely disrupt your prepared strategy, but it shouldn’t bother you so much. After all, the ultimate goal is to get the best players out of the lot.

  1. Set A Preliminary Line-up On Monday Night

Drafting players on Monday nights allows you to know which players have bye weeks, reducing your risk of not updating your roster before starting another week. This should be after the final NFL matchup so that you can take a look at the most favourable and unfavourable ones.

For leagues with flex positions, you can start with a wide receiver or a running back. For Superflex leagues, you can start a second quarterback in that flex position.

  1. Pay Attention To Injury Reports

It’s essential to know the physical strength of your team. You can effectively do this by keeping up to date on injury reports. This knowledge gives informed league owners a considerable edge over the competition.

Make sure not to bet on uncertain players reported to have shown the slightest signs of injury. Midgame injuries do occur, but your best way to minimise risk is by knowing the latest on player injuries.

  1. Trade Carefully

Trading requires careful consideration and adherence to some basic rules. It’s not a strategic decision to switch one best player for two who are less than optimum. Neither is it reasonable to place your card on a player who has had a bye week over one who hasn’t. 

Thus, always consider team depth and strength while considering a trade. The best strategy is to sell off average level players for better-performing ones based on stats. Some of the key weighing factors to consider are points per reception (PPR) scoring systems and fantasy football calculators. Both are available online.

Ultimately, you’ll need to learn to trade without sentiments and emotion-driven judgements. When needed, let go of a player to avoid jeopardising your winning chances.

  1. Minimise The Effect Of Player Risks On Your Team

Each player row and position have peculiarities that put them at risk of injuries. Hyperactive RBs and WRs are some of the most injury-prone players. Hence, it’s important to have backups and rookies for such positions.

Also, ensure to up your team’s ceilings when they’re low. You can do this by drafting players with high upsides. Minimise risks per position and ensure to keep a tab of player performances.


The NFL fantasy league is indeed a high-intensity game that requires key strategies and keen attention throughout the season. But preparing a good strategy guide from the onset would prove useful throughout the games. 

Remember, your choices should never be emotion-driven but based on player skills and stats. By following the rest of these tips here, you’re all set to start.

2020 NFL Betting Tips And Tricks: 5 Effective Approach to the Betting Games

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the US ever since. This year, the football season is back and will commence in a few days from now. Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl LIV and will open the 2020 NFL season on September 10 against the Houston Texans.

Like other prominent sporting events that you know, NFL fans are looking for the best teams to bet in the wagering games. Every year, bettors put so much effort into forming the best betting strategies to pick a deserving entry. While there is no formula to win consistently, making big money is possible when you focus on leveraging the toughest team to gamble.

With many surprising player trades in the NFL draft, fans can expect more thrilling NFL match-ups this season. In line with this, your NFL betting might come challenging, and finding bets demand more time and effort. If you want a lesser work of forming NFL bets, here are some tips to learn.

Identify The Big Favorites

Before the regular NFL season starts, the preseason will take place and where fans will witness warm-up matches. It will preview the current team’s roster and how they will perform in the regular NFL season. Besides that, this will also be your basis for comparing every team’s weapons, their overall strengths, and key players.

In line with that, the NFL community also identifies the big favorites each year. Usually, these favorites are the groups who made it to the league playoffs in the last season. Aside from that, they also averaged the highest score when it comes to the overall team scoring. When you find your next NFL bets, make sure to know the latest big favorites.

Recognize The Dangerous Dogs

If the favorites demand a huge consideration, you must also try to bet for the dangerous dogs and dark horses in the current league. Last year, the Pats were almost heading to the best year of their lives, but during Wildcard Week, the Titans, who were underdogs, showed up with their best weapons, dispatching them big time.

There is no assurance that the favorites can win outright as the NFL can be anyone’s ball game. Although the dogs’ biggest disadvantage is getting less hype from the crowd, it doesn’t mean they can’t win. Thus, if you find the favorites as a deserving NFL bet, don’t forget the dogs as they can twist the show significantly.

Look For The Top Quarterbacks

The quarterbacks play a big role in the team’s success in their quest for the annual Lombardi trophy. If other key positions, like receivers, linebackers, edge rushers have to be reliable, the quarterbacks take double on this pressure. They don’t only lead the team, but they also make sure to portray the overall game plan that the team has structured.

Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady, and Jimmy Garappolo are some of the best quarterbacks you can find in the upcoming NFL season. While these gentlemen are expected to give out their best skills in the field, try to compare other quarterbacks and see who can shine brighter.

Find A Team With A More Boosted Roster

Not only do the quarterbacks need to perform precisely, but the other talents have to do their part to win. As mentioned earlier, athletes playing as the cornerback, receivers, linebackers, offensive tackle, defensive end, and edge rushers need to have more boosted skills to develop a successful match.

During the drafting, many players have moved from one team to the other. Apart from that, many powerful rookies were also contracted to join the starting line-up. Make sure to double your effort in studying every team’s current roster and compare them. Through this, you’ll know which people you can rely on to win the betting games.

Notice A Team With Solid Offense And Defense Skills

A right combination of offense and defense skills will make a football team a real winner. They can’t have a strong defense and weaker offense or the other way around. These two departments should look even in any given circumstance.

If you find a team that possesses these two skills, they are a sure bet you can make in the upcoming NFL season. The key to knowing that the team has an excellent offense and defense department is to review the current line-up scores and statistics.


Your chance of getting the thrill in the upcoming NFL season is not only brought by the best playing teams but by the betting games you are looking forward to gambling. The 2020 NFL season is composed of 17-week playoffs, with 32 teams coming from the AFC and NFC. Hence, if you desire to select a successful team or player to wager on, the tips above would greatly help.