“Play-in” the Playoffs: The 4 Best Teams That’ll Play in the NBA Play-in Rounds

As soon as Adam Silver took the reins from David Stern as NBA Commissioner, a lot of changes came. Although these changes might have been met with resistance by fans, staff, and even the players themselves, these have made the NBA a bit more exciting. The change that we’re particularly alluding to is the Play-in Tournament.

The standard format for the regular season is that only the best 8 teams from each conference go into their own playoff round. The 9th and lower-ranked teams did not enter the playoffs in the past. Now with a play-in round, the last teams in the standings can have a chance at the playoffs.

In the play-in tournament, the 9th and 10th seeded team will get to play for a chance to get a spot in the playoffs. Whoever wins between the 7th and 8th seed will go to the playoffs. The loser, however, will play the winner between the 9th and 10th seed. Whoever wins this last chance game will get to play in the playoffs as the last team to face the top-seeded team. With that said, let’s take a look at the 4 teams that’ll end up 9th and 10th in both conferences:

Los Angeles Lakers – 9th Seed in the West

The Los Angeles Lakers trio of Lebron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook look to be a dynasty on paper. However, the addition of Russell Westbrook isn’t living up to expectations as the Lakers are miserably at the 9th spot in the Western Conference. Although Lebron James is having a career year, he alone isn’t enough to shoulder the burdens of a once-competitive Lakers team.

Anthony Davis is out with an injury, and Russell Westbrook hasn’t been performing like the superstar he is. Although fans are disappointed with how things are turning up, they shouldn’t lose hope yet. The Lakers still have a chance to make it to the playoffs via the play-in tournament. What’s ironic about this chance is that Lebron James was one of the most vocal players against the creation of the play-in tournament the previous season.

New Orleans Pelicans – 10th seed in the West

In 10th place, the New Orleans Pelicans should capitalize and start winning games to have a chance at the playoffs. Although Zion Williamson still isn’t playing this season, all-star Brandon Ingram is carrying the team and doing well.

If you want to get some wins with NBA betting, you should consider picking the Pelicans to make it to the play-in tournament and possibly into the playoffs. Just recently, they added all-star CJ McCollum from the Portland Trailblazers. This single move alone has greatly increased the chance of the Pelicans.

Brooklyn Nets – 9th Seed in the East

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Another team with three stars in their lineup is the Brooklyn Nets. And we’re not just talking about any stars. Going into the season, the Nets had Kevin “K.D.” Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. Now, the Nets are dangling in the Eastern Conference and are in danger of not making it to the playoffs.

James Harden has recently been traded to the Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons can’t shoot well and hasn’t even suited up for the Nets due to an injury. The Slim Reaper Kevin Durant is battling an injury and is playing quality but limited minutes. Kyrie Irving is still having problems with vaccination and remains in and out of the rotation.

The Brooklyn Nets certainly have the tools for a good run towards the NBA championship. However, they need to win games to get there. With the way they’re playing, the Nets are thankful that they have a chance at entering the playoffs via the play-in tournament.

Atlanta Hawks – 10th Seed in the East

Trae Young has been named an all-star and is continuing his stellar play for the Atlanta Hawks. They also have sharpshooters Danillo Gallinari, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and defensive big Clint Capella. John Collins is also back and performing well. However, all the Hawks’ positivity hasn’t translated into wins for them.

The Hawks are 10th in a tightly contested Eastern Conference as of this writing. The team also didn’t make a significant move during the trade deadline. Although it seems that the Hawks are going for a rebuild, a shot at the NBA title is too big of a reward just to pass on. Hawks fans should expect their team to work hard. Even if they’re playing for a play-in spot, every chance the Hawks get matters.

Final Thoughts

The play-in tournament will commence as the NBA ends its regular season. Although the play-in tournament is an excellent chance to get to the playoffs, it’s the most challenging road to take.

If you’re the 9th or 10th seed and win your first game, you have to play the losing team from the 7th vs. 8th seed game. If you win all games, you get the last final playoff spot. Although it’s tiring for the players, the play-in tournament is one of the most exciting changes the NBA has made since.

Best Picks For Daily Fantasy Basketball

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

The weekly lineup leagues will help you prepare your draft for the best options for players at each position, maximizing your fantasy basketball experience. Drafting your fantasy lineups is a critical and effortless process when you have options to choose from, and this article will help you with which players to select on a specific role in your lineups.

Daily Fantasy Sports changes stats and records on a daily and weekly basis. There are different lineups and projections for every game and player. To know the best picks for your daily fantasy basketball, you must be updated with their primer or breakdown of their best plays. Here are the best picks at each position for the next upcoming fantasy basketball.

Point Guard

Stephen Curry is famous for being one of the leading scorers in Basketball, averaging 38 points per game over the previous games and seasons. The expectations for Stephen Curry skyrocketed as he garnered multiple MVP awards and other recognitions for his gameplay.

Stephen Curry was a consistent best point guard in the league not until the season of 2019-2020 when he got injured for the entire season and lost the chance to be the season’s MVP. He has proven his worth through consistency and surpassing a significant milestone in the previous seasons and continued to give his all every playoff making it easier for him to score.

He can shoot in a long-range anywhere on the court, and he’s actually ranked as the 6th player in the all-time history of the league. Stephen Curry’s efficiency in court brings out the best in his team. Stephen is known to have the skill of the greatest shooter of all time, a historical title.

Shooting Guard

In this season’s playoffs, Marcus Smart is showing MVP-worthy gameplay. He’s excellent at helping with the rotation and ball handling. However, he needs to put extra effort into this year’s season because his team’s overall performance might be a little trickier, considering that they are a little short on their rotation.

Kemba Walker’s absence has placed Marcus Smart more into the duties of a point guard player. Will this added effort and versatility make him better in court, or will it bring him down together with his rising popularity and impressive points? Find out in the upcoming game at FanDuel fantasy. Marcus Smart’s improved gameplay with his 3-pointers, assists, and blocks will really fill the role of an above-average shooting guard.

Small Forward

Bogdan Bogdanovic is favoured by many due to his solid previous game where he garnered 21 points, eight assists, and three rebounds in a game against Miami Heats and has an average fantasy point of 43.7. Bogdan Bogdanovic is impressively capable of shooting from a three-point range.

His impressive shooting abilities and versatility are surprisingly one of the excellent strategies as a small forward who’s also a great pointer in midgames. Bogdan Bogdanovic scored 32 points in their game against Milwaukee Bucks, three additional points for assists, three steals, and a rebound.

Power Forward

Zion Williamson rose from popularity as one of the great scorers in his team despite being in his second season in NBA. He’s been a scoring machine lately, averaging from 30.7 per game over his previous match. Zion Williamson was selected as the first draft pick in the 2019 NBA Drafting and secured his place in the All-star selection.

The rising player had a remarkable season for starters, almost in the same level and record after Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis, who are already veterans in their careers.


Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets has a value of $11,300 and 42.3 FanDuel points, not much but a great start to work on in his previous game and an average of 58.1 fantasy points. Nikola Jokic is a famous fantasy MVP player and a real-life MVP with a 56.9 per cent shooting from the field and an 85.4 per cent in the free-throw lane.

Nikola Jokic is a notable centre in the NBA and is blessed with versatility that a centre does not usually possess. He can be fast and reliable when it comes to handling and passing the ball and a dominant inside scorer.

He is a famous MVP fantasy player and a great overall player in real life in the league, and one of the best passers. According to FanDuel’s top DFS fantasy players, he ranked first on the list. As a centre with excellent skills and versatility in court, no one can ever substitute this or top this Nikola Jokic as a centre position.

To wrap it up

Choose a player who executes his roles the best. When choosing a fantasy player, compare the actual records and the values provided by the sportsbook. This should help you select a player who performs well and players rising against all odds: the performance, previous record, standings, and versatility matters.

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