Why you should play online casino

Today there are many interesting reviews of online casinos that can offer each player a choice of both new and old online casinos.

There are certain people who regularly participate in online casino draws. At the same time, to a certain people such hobby seems to be risky and too much gambling sites not on gamstop.

In this article, we are going to show the advantages, pluses and benefits of online casino have for each user to decide whether or not you should start playing.

Available entertainment

It is enough to have a computer or any smartphone and Internet access to play your favorite casino games, for example, roulette or blackjack. All you need is to register at the online casino you like and start playing.

You can calmly sit on your couch and plunge into the world of excitement and winning. You can enter the casino at any time of the day that is comfortable for you. If you are limited in time, then online casino is the very place where you can spend your time quickly and make a profit. Even a few minutes a day is enough to play several games at once and even win a good amount of money or virtual chips.

Have a fun

Most people from birth have in their blood the venture and desire to win. Another thing is that it is not always possible to realize these desires in some special areas. Online casino allows you to realize your desires and get a real pleasure from the game itself, watching beautiful effects, listening to original music, and plunging into the virtual world of the game just taking a break from real life.

Full concentration on the game

In a real casino you are surrounded by many people, everyone is watching you and each other. This distracts you from the game and can harm the process. In addition, some people do not want to be noticed in the casino venues. A virtual online casino allows each gamer to remain incognito and unknown by others. In addition, no one will distract from the game process and will allow you to be fully focused on the game features.

Playing without money

There are certain online casinos that allow visitor to participate in the game without financial investment. This is sometimes necessary to completely relax and just play your favorite games without stress. In addition, in the demo version of the game, you can try to play in order not to make mistakes in the future and then start systematically winning. In addition, casinos provide virtual chips, which the visitor can use trying to play on different slot machines. Despite the fact that your winnings will be only virtual, you can relax and have a great time.

No face control

Face control is present in almost every actual casino venue. Even if ladies are not supposed to come in evening dresses, and men in suits and smoking, the casino venue will not allow to enter in beach or home clothes. In the Internet, there is no difference how player is dressed and how he behaves.

Huge variety of games and slots

An online casino offers to more options than a regular casino. There is a huge number of gambling games and digital slots in online casinos, which allow visitors to enjoy real gambling. The convenient system of bonuses in online casinos is also much more diverse than in a regular casino, where bonuses are usually available only to reputable players. In a highly competitive and diverse environment, online casinos attract visitors offering good bonus systems and ensure a good influx of visitors.

Original leisure

The casino is a very special kind of entertainment that many people like. Online casino https://www.iphonecasinon.com/en/ allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of gambling and excitement and experience all the facets of such leisure.

Possibility of big winning

In virtual casino the player can win a large amount of money. Often the virtual casino has very small minimum bet that allows any player to participate in various games and slots with minimum deposit for a long time. For good wins, the visitor can deposit a serious amount of money. At the same time, each player has own maximum deposit, that lets to get the maximum allowable game winning without going over the edge, after which the player can start losing. In each game, you should control your gambling, think over the rates – and then you can get a real pleasure from participating in an online casino.

You can keep your hobby in secret

Not all casino visitors talk about their hobbies. At the same time, you can see how much interesting to participate in the games of online casino. In addition, many people do not want somebody to know about their hobby. Online casino allows you to remain completely confidential, since no information about visitors is distributed.

Easy to logout of the casino

If you are busy or want to switch to another activity, you can freely logout the online casino by closing your browser. Logout in order to return soon. After all, online casinos will provide their visitors with maximum pleasure and relaxation, the opportunity to distract from everyday life, feel vivid emotions, the joy of winning, excitement and game enjoyment.

Casino cashback bonuses explained

There are so many different bonuses and promotions available when you’re playing at an online casino that it can sometimes be difficult to find out which one’s the best for you. Generally, they’re all pretty good for you as they give you the opportunity to up your funds and improve your chances of winning. But one bonus which you might have heard the most about is the glorious cashback bonus.

Everybody loves a bonus

True, right? It’s almost like receiving something for free, and everybody loves getting something for nothing. The best thing about bonuses at online casinos is that there are many of them, just as there are at fantasy football sites. They each work in weird and wonderful ways but have been designed to help players get more for their money. You might have heard of the popular match bonuses or deposit bonuses. These come in various percentages, and essentially give you a percentage back of the money you deposit – so if you deposited $100 with a 100% deposit bonus, then you get 100% of that money to spend, as well as the money you deposit. Double funds, double fun and with it, increased chances of winning on your favourite online casino games, such as slots or classic table games.

There are other bonuses available too, but one of the most popular has to be the cashback bonus. You’ve probably heard about cashback in many different places. The cashier at the latest store is asking if you want ‘cashback’ after paying with a card. Your favourite grocery retailer is offering cashback as part of a reward scheme. Essentially, it’s exactly the same at an online casino – they will give you cashback into your online account. Obviously, there’s going to be a caveat – online casinos are generous, but they’re not that generous that they’d just give away free money for the sake of it.

An online casino will make the deposit into your account, usually based on how much you’ve lost during your play time. This is to reward you for your loyalty playing with them. The amount can be based on a percentage of your losses, so if you’re ever on a losing streak, it’s always nice to log in and see that you’ve been given some extra money in your account. And since you’ve already lost the funds, you really are getting some cash back for nothing.

Keep on top of your cashback

So you now know that casino cashback bonuses are courtesy funds that are added to your account. It’s pretty straightforward, and the name does explain it all, but don’t rest there. Like any other casino bonus, there are additional criteria that must be met for you to use it, so it’s always worth checking up on it before you play. The last thing you want is to go on a winning streak thinking you’ve used your bonus, only to find out that you’ve misused it. First things first, you need to find the best casino cashback bonuses, and we recommend you use these legit sites to find some reliable, trustworthy places to play. Then it’s onto the small print.

Each online casino will have different methods and programs for their cashback incentives. Take a look at each casino and read up on their cashback offer – the best place is to head straight to the relevant terms and conditions. We know, it’s not the most exciting read, but it’s where you’ll find all the correct information. You’ll be able to find out what games the cashback is available for, any wagering requirements and how to sign up or opt-in for the offer itself. Some online casinos may opt you in automatically, from the moment you become a new player. They might give you a cashback bonus when you first sign up. Others require you to opt-in so you’ll have to contact them to let them know you’re interested. One of the most important things is to always check what games the cashback offer is available for. Sometimes it may be for specific slots only, while other casinos always rule out table games and only have it for slots – just make sure you check beforehand.

The more you play at an online casino, the more they’re going to want to reward you for their loyalty. And that’s where the cashback bonus comes in to play. It’s one of those nice little extras that you don’t notice until you log in and find some extra funds in your account. Especially nice if you’ve not been on a winning streak as you get some extra money to use – and who knows how much you could end up winning by using it. So start dreaming of finally getting around to doing your house improvements or getting away on a holiday.

Regulation of Video Poker Games in American Casinos


Video poker is a very fun and popular game, which includes both skill and luck. And the fact that there is luck involved in the game means that it’s considered a gambling game, to a varying extent, depending on the individual version’s rules. So, the main question that many US players have is whether video poker is legal and available to play in a United States online casino?


Online gambling is not banned under federal law. In fact, the only law that regulates the area of online gambling (including online video poker gambling) is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The law was signed by former POTUS George W. Bush back in 2006. While it doesn’t put an outright ban on online gaming – it does prohibit banks from accepting any gambling-related transactions – which put a lot of businesses that dealt with online gambling out.

Online video poker is pretty much a gray area – meaning it’s, for the most part, unregulated. That being said, certain countries in the United States of America have put outright bans on any forms of online gambling, and where online gambling is a criminal offense – you may be fined or even go to prison.

Offshore Casinos

The fact that online gambling and video poker are neither here nor there when it comes to being regulated by the authorities has given rise to offshore online casinos that readily serve the online poker gambling needs of Americans. And the best part about the use of these casinos is that nothing is illegal about it. 

There are offshore casinos that operate mainly from Curacao, Panama, Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda, and others. The online gambling sites that operate in these places are, for the most part, completely legitimate. They serve their American customers well, and they stand on their word to give the players the bonuses they promise and give the deserved payouts promptly.

That being said, though, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a couple of bad apples in the mix. This is why it’s very important to do in-depth research and determine which casinos are legitimate and which ones are rogue. A rogue casino will freeze your funds for no reason, give you rigged video poker games to play, fall back on their words regarding bonuses, and simply refuse to pay your winnings out.

Online Poker in the US

So, how does the legality of online poker fare in the individual US states? Well, different states have different legislation – and some have determined to band video poker altogether. Some of the states where you shouldn’t, under law, play online video poker are:

  • Kentucky,
  • Louisiana,
  • Missouri,
  • Montana,
  • Washington,

And a few others. You should do your own research to find out whether online poker and gambling, in general, are banned under the penal code (or any other code) of the state where you happen to reside.

That being said, there are many other states where online video poker for real money is completely legal. Some of them are:

  • Connecticut,
  • Delaware,
  • New York,
  • Alaska,
  • Colorado,

And others. Most states in the USA will have a gray area in their legal codes regarding online gambling – and this is where the aforementioned offshore online casinos step into play.


So, it’s not really easy to traverse the legislature of the individual US States. Many problems can be encountered along the way – there’s unclear wording in the laws, centuries-old terminology that hasn’t been updated. In some cases, the state never even takes any legal action against anyone playing online video poker despite the fact that it’s an illegal endeavor under their laws. We suggest that you do additional research to determine whether online poker gambling is legal in the particular state where you reside and read as many professional gambling guides as possible – as this is an important factor that will have a dramatic impact on your ability to safely gamble online. The good news is the fact that there are dozens of online casinos in the offshore countries where you can play online video poker completely legally if you reside in one of the US states where offshore online gambling is a gray area.

Gambling in India: Casino Games

It is only natural to want to relax after a hard day. For some of the moneyed few, they prefer an adrenaline rush by engaging in gambling. Despite the legal bottlenecks, India has various gambling activities that you may pursue, the most convenient being casino games.

Casino slots2.jpg
CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Categories of Casino Games

You will find three main categories of casino games: 

1. Table games

The playing surface on most of these games lay on top of a table, hence the name. Examples of these kinds of games include:

  • Card games – Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack
  • Dice games – Sic Bo, Craps
  • Wheel games – Roulette, Wheel of Fortune, Big Six Wheel
  • Board games – Backgammon, Ludo

2. Gaming machine slots

These are standalone gaming cabinets that do not need the services of a gaming attendant to play. You go to a gaming cabinet, insert your money, chips, or code, and you are off to your gaming fantasy. For the online variety, they are known as video slots. Examples of gaming machine slots:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Book of Dead
  • Gonzo’s Quest

3. Random ticket casino games

A random number generator, or some casino equipment, will produce a random number that will determine the winner in these games. The players choose a random number and await the decision of the machine to see if they match. They include:

  • Keno
  • Roulette
  • Bingo
  • Lotteries 


For the uninitiated, there are traditional and online casinos. You will find the traditional/conventional casinos in a physical location, often in brick-and-mortar building. On entry, you will find a gaming floor where you can play various games, be it a wheel, dice, or gaming cabinet, and you settle one of them for some fun times.

For the rapidly expanding online casinos, you can play games on your computer or handheld device. Most of the games use standardized Random Number Generators (RNG) to develop random outcomes for the video or slot games. 

Online casinos, such as those found on CBL, have become innovative by introducing live casinos (where you can play a live casino game virtually) and 3D casinos that make a 3D rendering of existing games. They also incorporate betting like Cricket and sports betting, perfect solutions in these pandemic times.

Indian Casino Games

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that there are traditional Indian games that you can play in casinos, such as: 

i) Teen Patti

One of the more popular games is the Teen Patti/Indian Flush game, a simple, 3-card variant of the popular poker card game. 

ii) Papplu

Another game is Papplu or Indian Rummy, where you swap a card from a playing deck until you find the winning set. 

iii) Andar Bahar

In the Andar Bahar or Katti game, you bet on the Andar or Bahar side to win. Other popular Indian card games you can play in casinos include Minu Flash and Maang Patta.

iv) Jhandi Munda 

A popular dice game that involves rolling six dice with six different sides that contain different symbols.

v) Passa 

Another popular dice game that uses two, four-sided numbered dice.

vi) Pachisi

Is India’s national board game, popularly ‘borrowed’ by the British who renamed it Ludo. 

Other popular Indian games that may not have originated from India include Rashi Chakra, Keno, and Mah-jong. 


Online casinos have introduced enticing features, like betting on sports, to increase gambling treats for enthusiasts. You can now bet on sports like:

  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • eSports
  • Field hockey

Is gambling legal in India? 

One of the thorny issues is whether gambling is legal in India. Physical casinos are only allowed on a state-to-state basis, while The Public Gambling Act of 1976 provides for offshore casinos. 

Even though the law allows for online casinos, the online industry has no regulations. Your best bet is to use casinos that have registered their businesses in countries with stringent gaming laws such as the UK, Malta, and Sweden.

Withdrawing and depositing money in casinos

You will have to pay tax if you use foreign currency to deposit or withdraw money from online casinos. You can circumvent the limitations by using Indian Rupees in the casinos recommended in CBL above, with the best withdrawal options being digital wallet services such as:

  • Neteller 
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • InstaDebit
  • ecoPayz
  • Qiwi
  • Internet banking
  • Netbanking

Why is it worth playing at an online casino?

With a huge selection of online casinos in our time, it is very difficult to choose a decent option. Various reviews and recommendations help in this. Based on them, you can make the right choice. Reviews usually present site ratings from lowest to highest. You shouldn’t give up on new casinos not blocked by gamstop. They, too, can offer attractive conditions for participation.

What are the advantages of online casinos?

Online casinos can help you get away from your daily problems. The bright design and various themes of slots will allow you to relax without leaving your home. A huge number of slot machines will give you the opportunity to focus on your favorite bestsellers or try constantly appearing new items. Many online casinos offer users a catalog with a large selection of slots.

Online casino advantages:

  • Constantly appearing new slots;
  • An excellent opportunity to relax in the virtual world;
  • You don’t need to leave your home to play;
  • Availability of a convenient mobile version;
  • Attractive income in a short period of time.

You can also take an online casino with you on the road. The main thing is the presence of the Internet. You can play and earn money on vacation outside the city or while on a business trip. The resulting profit from playing in an online casino can be spent on your favorite hobby or daily expenses. This is a great way to fund your wallet without much hassle. Such income does not require formalization, which is needed when applying for a job.

Nobody is notified about the game in the casino. All member data remains completely confidential. Information about the player is not disclosed anywhere. Also, almost all online casinos guarantee security. The confidentiality of the user’s personal information is able to protect the client’s data from fraudsters. This is relevant when specifying bank card details. A participant with the help of an online casino will be able to receive income that others will not know about.

Who is the online casino game for?

You can play at online casinos at absolutely any adult age, having a profession of any direction. It does not take into account seniority or place of work. Anyone can register on any site. This can be a student who needs additional income or an employee of an organization that pays little. An online casino will help you improve your living standards at no extra cost.

After all, to participate you do not need to buy additional equipment or spend money on travel to get to the place of the game. This is a convenient way to earn money without leaving your home. You will need an Internet connection and a device to visit the casino website. This requirement is available to everyone. Almost every inhabitant of the world has access to the Internet and a gadget. To start earning money, just register on the site.


Also, a nice addition to online casinos are bonuses that are provided on each site. These incentives save personal money. Bonuses can be spent on bets. Also, free spins can be provided as rewards. Their use can bring additional income to a virtual account, which in the future can bring a win in a real amount of money.

Common types of bonuses:

  • For the first deposited amount of money;
  • Registration incentive;
  • Return of spent funds;
  • Bonus for further deposits made;
  • Reward for inviting a friend.

This is a standard list of bonuses that are provided on almost every site. Also, in all online casinos there is a condition for receiving a promotion. You need to fulfill the established requirements. In almost all cases, you will have to wager the bonus to get a real promotion. Only after that, virtual funds provided for free can bring real income, which is available for withdrawal.

Tournaments and lotteries

Almost all online casinos also offer to participate in tournaments, promotions or lotteries that are held on an ongoing basis. This is a way to additionally replenish your wallet without much investment. A certain list of slots can take part in tournaments. The winner is determined by summing up the results. In the lottery, the prize is given to the lucky one. It is impossible to influence the victory here. The winner goes to the one on whose side the luck is.

Online casino selection

It is worth giving preference to sites with extensive experience, which have a huge selection of slots, and the conditions of the game are the most favorable. Also, sometimes you need to browse new online casinos so as not to miss a leader who can bypass experienced sites. The bottom line is that it is always profitable to play on all kinds of venues. The participant gets pleasure from visiting the gambling world, which in parallel can bring a generous income. In some cases, an online casino can replace the main job. This is especially true in our time.

5 Reasons People Would Much Rather Play at Online Casinos

It seems everything about the world we live in is changing. There was a time not too long ago when millions of people looked forward to visiting their favorite land-based casinos. They would show up, stay a few nights, watch a show or two, and gamble the night away. Quickly, land-based casinos are becoming a thing of the past.

In recent years, online casinos have been grabbing business away from their land-based counterparts all over Europe. In the U.S., online casino gambling is still a relatively new form of adult entertainment. While only a handful of states have legalized online casino gambling to date, momentum suggests that number will be growing leaps and bounds in the next year or two.

What’s all the fuss? Well, here is a list of five reasons why people seem to prefer online casino gambling over going to Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

1. Convenience

This reason should be obvious. People love to gamble online because of convenience. They can gamble any time they want from anywhere they choose to do it. With a mobile device, they can play Blackjack for real cash while waiting in line at a movie theater.

Online casino gamblers also get the opportunity to gamble without having to pay for travel costs, overnight accommodations, expensive restaurant food, and transportation costs. That kind of savings provides the gambler with that much more gambling capital.

2. Vast Selection of Games

If someone goes into a land-based casino, they will soon realize there is a limited selection of games. They will also realize they’ll have to invest time physically looking for the games they want to play.

Sourced from Pixabay

Online casinos make the game selection process as easy as clicking a few buttons. In both Europe and the U.S., online casinos now enlist the services of as many software developers as possible. It’s quite common for online casino operators to offer as many as three dozen table games and 400 video slots. The best news of all, gamblers can get access to all of these games on one computer screen without having to move anything other than their hands.

3. Bonus Promotions

In recent years, land-based casinos have done away with bonus promotions in favor of comps or high rollers. That doesn’t do much to offer extra value for novice gamblers. On the other hand, online casinos have successfully brought back bonus promotions for everyone. As an example, anyone playing Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot will immediately find they are entitled to a welcome bonus to help them get started.

By the way, some bonus offers can be quite lucrative. It’s common for some of the newer online casinos to offer welcome bonuses of up to $500 based on the amount of the player’s first deposit. While certain terms and conditions can make it difficult to turn bonus monies into real cash, free play is free play.

4. Convenient Banking Options

Land-based casinos deal in cash. There might be ATMs in the general proximity of the casino cage, but all gambling activities require cash. Online casinos not only don’t require gamblers to carry around cash, but they also provide gamblers with as many as a dozen different ways they can fund their accounts and be in action in minutes.

5. Favorable Betting Limits

In recent years, land-based casinos have made it nearly impossible for novice gamblers to gamble without risking more than they would like. The casinos have done this by raising minimum betting limits.

Online casinos are just fine offering lower limits. If a gambler is looking for a blackjack table with a $1 minimum, they are going to find it. It seems to be simply a matter of online casinos realizing they can benefit by offering reasonable access to gamblers at all levels.

Fantasy Premier League 2019-2020 3 gameweeks into Project Restart

Considering the unprecedented nature of the Premier League’s Project Restart and the impact it has had, not only on the competition itself but on FPL as well, we figured the nearing end of gameweek 32+ is a good moment to stop for a moment and look back at the first three gameweeks after the coronabreak. In order to do so, we identified three ongoing races in the league: for Champions League qualification, for Europa League qualification and to avoid relegation. We’ll take a brief look at each of these battles and how they should be taken into account when planning for the very business end of this crazy season.

Heads up: this piece was written before the start of the 4 matches on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020.

The race for the Champions League

It’s a special race this year, one because Liverpool have won the title six rounds before the end, and two because current 2nd placed Manchester City are running a real risk of being excluded from international European competitions after repeatedly treading on the Financial Fair Play rules and reportedly misleading European football’s governing body UEFA. In this scenario, fifth place equals Champions League qualification as well, while the 6th place will get a ticket for the Europa League. Man City have filed an appeal against their exclusion, but for this article, we will assume that the UEFA will finally manage to stick with a serious sentence for a “big club” this time.

With Liverpool crowned champions, the teams currently sitting in a CL spot are Leicester in third, Chelsea in fourth and Manchester United in fifth. Wolves are tied with United at 52 points, though, while Spurs and Burnley follow at some distance with 45 points each. Of course, the Premier League is the Premier League and anything can happen, but with six to seven games to go this campaign, it looks likely that the battle for the Champions League spots will be between the teams in the current top six.

One of the reasons for this is that the upcoming fixture schedules for Wolves and Man United are among the most favourable ones going forward. The former are facing just one club from the current top six (Chelsea in the final gameweek), while the latter’s only top-six opponent is Leicester in that same round. United’s calendar looks a bit easier on paper, but both teams boast FPL assets that could well last for the rest of the campaign. The likes of Raul Jimenez, Matt Doherty, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Harry Maguire all possess the qualities and/or form to finish the season with a nice run, clad with FPL points.

Talking of nice runs, that’s often just what people playing online casinos are looking for from their online entertainment. The different type of casino games available online means there’s usually a game to suit everyone. FISO has affiliate deals with online casino game providers and more details are on our casino forum. There are plenty of affiliate programmes around for casino providers so you should choose the one that suits you best.

The battle for Europa League tickets

In a scenario where the UEFA manages to uphold Man City’s expulsion from European football, the sixth spot in the Premier League represents entry into next season’s Europa League. Wolves are currently occupying this spot, though they are on the same number of points (52) as Manchester United in fifth. The chasers are at some distance at the moment, with Spurs and Burnley on 45 points and Sheffield United behind them with 44 points.

Wolves and especially Man United look to be in good form and we don’t feel that they will be dropping many points over the coming weeks. This obviously doesn’t make it easier for the previously mentioned clubs just below them who are still eyeing a European ticket as well. From an FPL point of view though, this does not necessarily need to be a bad thing. That’s because, in theory, the longer teams have something to play for, the more reliable fantasy picks from their rosters are in terms of starting and motivation. If this ends up being applicable to this season as well, then Spurs, Burnley, and even Sheffield United could prove to be valuable sources of starting and performing fantasy picks.

Of those three outfits, newly-promoted Sheffield United have the hardest finish to the season. In combination with their underwhelming start to Project Restart, that makes us think that it’s probably wise to stay away from any Blades assets over the coming weeks. The same goes for Burnley players to a certain extent, as the Clarets are facing Sheffield United, Liverpool and Wolves over the next four. With Norwich away and Brighton at home, the very tail of their campaign looks a lot more appealing, though.

Of the chasers, Spurs probably boast the most interesting fantasy assets, in part thanks to their Project Restart schedule. Also, a public interest announcement: Don’t let a possible Arsenal sign of life against Norwich tonight (they are up 2-0 as we’re writing) fool you, they have been frustrating this season and their fixtures take a turn for the worse from next gameweek onwards. Back to Spurs: with Everton at home, Bournemouth away, Arsenal at home and Newcastle away in their next four games, Spurs offer us some interesting picks. While Harry Kane might be too much of a risk at the moment due to his price tag and the available alternatives, Heung-Min Son is an excellent midfield choice. The relatively affordable Serge Aurier could be as well, thanks to his drive forward. We recommend to watch the Sheffield United vs. Spurs game this Thursday to see how José Mourinho’s men show up against one of the most resilient sides in the Premier League.

The fight against relegation

It’s towards the bottom of the table where things are getting really tight. The relegation zone consists of the three last spots and currently, five teams are in the drop zone or located just a point outside of it. These are Norwich (21 points), Aston Villa (27 pts), Bournemouth (27 pts), West Ham (27 pts) and Watford (28 pts). Brighton sit on 33 points in fifteenth and definitely can’t switch off yet, while we consider fourteenth placed Southampton safe from relegation with 40 points after their 1-3 victory over Watford on Monday.

Out of these six teams, Norwich’s outlook is probably the grimmest. The Canaries look bound for a return to the Championship and we don’t recommend any of their players, unless you’re looking for a budget-enabler in the style of Todd Cantwell or are still hoping for a Teemu Pukki after-party. Having said that, things don’t look much better for Bournemouth and Villa either. The Cherries have had a horrid return to football and are 0-3 down at home against Newcastle at this very moment, while the Villans have returned in slightly better form. Still, like Bournemouth, Villa have a harsh schedule to deal with from now until the end of the 2019-20 campaign:

BournemouthMan United (a)Spurs (H)Leicester (H)Man City (a)
Aston VillaLiverpool (a)Man United (H)Crystal Palace (H)Everton (a)

Our verdict? If you REALLY want a Cherry or a Villain, Villa’s form and schedule look slightly better than Bournemouth’s, which kind of brings Grealish into the picture (but not really). Completely out of form and with a nightmare run of fixtures ahead, for the Cherries things aren’t looking great.

Brighton have Norwich at home coming up in GW33+, followed by home games against Man City and Liverpool. After that it’s Southampton, Burnley and Newcastle for the Seagulls, so apart from gameweeks 34+ and 35+, the likes of Ryan and Dunk could be decent defensive punts. Striker Neal Maupay is an interesting differential pick and very budget-friendly.

Out of all bottom teams, it’s Watford and West Ham who have the most appealing run of fixtures coming up, though.

WatfordChelsea (a)Norwich (H)Newcastle (H)West Ham (a)
West HamNewcastle (a)Burnley (H)Norwich (a)Watford (H)

Apart from Watford’s game in gameweek 33+, all of these fixtures are potential good sources of points for these teams. The ghost of relegation clearly looms over these teams, so some investment in them could be wise. Of course, they are not towards the bottom of the league after 32 rounds for nothing, but both the Hornets and the Hammers do have decent quality within their ranks. From GW34+, for example, Troy Deeney or Ismaila Sarr could be a good Watford punt, while Kiko Femenía could be perfect as a fourth or fifth defender. At West Ham, Fabianski is of proven quality, while the likes of Manuel Lanzini and Michael Antonio could be considered risky but very differential picks and with them in their team they could even upset Chelsea later tonight.

Overall though, when looking at the fight against relegation, we’d say Brighton boast a few options worth considering. It’s Watford though, thanks to a combination of favourable fixtures and them still being at a very real of relegation, where we believe the most interesting fantasy picks can be found for the upcoming weeks.