Super 6 – free to play – £1m will be won on Saturday 9th September

The Saturday Super 6 is giving away £1 million on Saturday 9th of September!

For this Saturday’s round of Super 6 only, the terms and conditions are changing just slightly!

Saturday 9th September’s round of Super 6 will guarantee one player to win £1,000,000. That means even if the highest scoring player does not predict all six correct scores, they will still win the jackpot prize.

The prize will be won by the highest scoring player. If there is more than one player tied on the highest score, the prize will be won by the tied-player with the nearest Golden Goal prediction. If there is still a tie, the prize will be won by the tied-player with the earliest correct final entry.

For full clarity, final entry means that if an entry has been re-submitted between original submission and the round close, the time of the final submission of an entry will prevail.

To play Super6, simply predict the correct scores for the six selected matches for a chance to win.

Once you have entered Super 6, please join the FISO super-league:

League Name: FISO FORUM
League Code: 3DY2SZ