Sports betting in the UK. Why go for a non-UK betting site?

Since the very beginning of the rise of the mainstream internet several decades ago, online sports betting in the United Kingdom has been growing in popularity at a soaring pace, just like in the rest of the world. In order to keep this growth under control and to ensure a safe online playing environment for British gamblers, betting sites have been fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) for years. While this is a good and more importantly much-needed development overall, measures like, for example, the removal of the option to deposit money via credit card at betting sites in the UK, can feel over-restrictive for those players who do not suffer from gambling-related problems and who are comfortable with occasional gambling. As a result, some British players are opting to play at non UK betting sites that are not subject to the strict UKGC rules.

While this is a perfectly acceptable work-around, it should be noted that sites regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, though more restrictive, might also offer more security and transparency in comparison to some of the popular non-UK betting sites out there. Having said that, let’s have a look at some of the major advantages that come from betting at non-UK sites.

More choice

For many players who end up exploring the world of non-UK betting sites, it’s the search for new and exciting games that has brought them to that point. The games offered in the United Kingdom represents only a fraction of what’s really out there in terms of games and betting possibilities. In terms of online sports betting, for example, you might find bets on events, leagues and teams that are not available in the UK. In such cases, a non-UK betting site offers a quick fix.

More options for depositing funds

One of the most common “complaints” when it comes to UKGC-regulated betting websites is that the number of options to deposit funds into an account are too limited. The money flows are something the UKGC pays extra attention to in connection with anti-money laundering practices and such, but for simple UK gamblers it can make it a pain in the neck to deposit funds into their accounts via their preferred methods. This can range from credit and debit cards that are not common in the UK to online payment services that are not available in the UK and even deposits in the form of cryptocurrencies. In contrast, many non-UK betting sites do accept some or all of the funding options that can’t be found at betting sites regulated by the UK Gaming Commission.

Better bonuses

Another aspect on which the UKGC has been clamping down over the past years is bonuses at UK betting sites. As part of their policy to protect vulnerable players and minors against the dangers of gambling addiction and other gambling-related problems, heavy restrictions have been placed on the way in which legal UK betting sites can set up bonuses and other promotions to attract (or indeed seduce) people to bet money with them. As a result, bonuses and promos have become a lot less attractive. This does not apply to many non-UK betting sites though, as they often have more freedom to promote their services and reward their players than websites under supervision of the UK Gambling Commission. It’s therefore not uncommon to see British players search for maximum bonus benefits at non-UK betting sites.