Rio Olympics 2016 and Online Gaming

The ongoing Olympic games have been taking the world by storm. Athletes from all across the globe are competing in this sporting event that is known for featuring a diverse range of 28 games. In 2009, golf and rugby sevens was also added to the list of Olympic sports which means that the host city of Rio will also see renowned golfers and rugby players from various countries compete for the gold medal.

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The best thing about playing online games is that you can continue watching the real ones side by side. Rio Olympics continue to spellbind the audience all across the world with Michael Phelps of the USA creating history as the greatest Olympian of all time and winning his twenty-third gold medal. Team America seems to be on top these days with the gymnastic team taking the gold in consecutive events, and Simone Biles tying the record of winning most medals in the Olympic Games.

Around 11,000 participants from 207 nations have been competing for glory including first time entries such as South Sudan, Kosovo and the Refugee Olympic Team.

These games are the first ones since their initiation to be held in a Portuguese speaking country, and it can be said that they have met with their fair share of controversy. Even before the event began, the Olympic Committee voices its concerns over the Zika virus that was almost becoming an epidemic in the country of Brazil.

There were cases of Zika virus patients being discovered across borders and even in the United States, which is why a lot of athletes and gaming officials were worried whether proper precautionary measures had been taken to contain the situation. Apart from that, a number of people highlighted the security in the city, especially around popular social venues such as clubs or restaurants and public areas.

Despite all that, the event was off to a spectacular start with the President of Brazil coming on stage at the Opening Ceremony to officially commence the games. Each sporting event since the beginning has been a treat to watch. Team Great Britain won the gold for dressage and Andy Murray made his golden mark on the tennis court again. Even North Korea had something to rejoice about when their gymnast won the gold and made headlines everywhere.

The Olympics have been highly interesting and captivating so far, despite all negativity that was surrounding the games before. Brazil and the city of Rio has proven the naysayers wrong and turned out to be wonderful host for the visiting nations. If you are interested in keeping up with Olympics games regularly, check out the official website.