Review of – The new betting portal

It can be really difficult to find unbiased, trustworthy reviews of betting sites, but the job has been made easier by the excellent site They combine all the best offers available now on a range of sports such as football, horse racing, greyhound racing as well as a comprehensive guides on the best value bonuses available to new customers. Also on the site is a great feature on “live” or “in-play” markets, anyone who has watched a football game on TV over the last couple of seasons will know just how popular these types of bets have become.

Navigation around the site couldn’t be any easier or clearer, the layout makes it very easy for you to find the information that you need. It’s uncluttered structure is easy on the eye and the style of the writing is both informative and knowledgable. I found myself reading articles on other sports than the one I had originally intended to be reading as other sections contained interesting facts and some great background information.

I have often been tempted to claim a matched deposit bet but was somewhat scared by terms such as “roll-over requirements” but this site does a first class job at simplifying this and I certainly feel more confident than I was before after reading this site.

Detailed betting bonus information and bookmaker comparison

I loved the way the site gave me an insight into the companies they recommend, it was very easy to get a snapshot of the different companies offers and this helped me make an informed choice of who I wanted to place my first bet with. Unlike other sites that have pages and pages of recommendations, has 3 or 4 recommended ones. When I first visiting this page my first thought was that someone had put a lot of time and effort making this a “one stop” place to find all the great deals, it certainly saved me having to go to each one of the bookies sites individually to compare.

I was quite looking forward to reading the information contained on the football page, I wouldn’t call myself an expert in football betting but I’m certainly not new to it either. Just as the bonus page did, the football page held my attention and is pitched at just the right level to be informative whilst never being too heavy. I like the way some of the information is contained in frames which changes when I make a selection, I feel too many other sites go on for ever and I quickly lose interest but this had just the right balance for me. The football page was well laid out and very easy to read, nice use of graphics to break up the page and if I wanted to know more I could click to read more without being forced to skip through irrelevant information.

I had visited this site as I wanted to know more about Ladbrokes football bets, I already had a few accounts with some of the other companies recommended on here so was keen to learn what offers Ladbrokes would give. As mentioned before I really liked the way I could click on the company I was interested in and a summary of the offers was displayed. I clicked on the “go to review” button which you can view by clicking here.

The review page of Ladbrokes is of the same high quality as the rest of the site, I wasn’t bombarded with information overload, instead the the site used simple to understand “tick boxes” so I could find the details I needed.I wasn’t aware that you could watch “live” events via the Ladbrokes website so this information may come in very handy for me if I am away from home. Accepted payment methods is easy to see and is depicted by icons on the right hand side. The main body text did a great job of putting the meat on the bones so to speak and offered further information on the company and available offers.

The horse racing section tells us that British bookmakers are world famous for their great bonuses and offer some of the best odds available. Unlike the football section the horse racing one doesn’t list a top 3 but gives a good selection, all of which are recommended. The scene is set well with the introduction exploring how horse racing is part of our English heritage and culture. I feel the site is justified when it states that a long established bookmaker is a better bet (excuse the pun) than a “newbie”.

Information about the author and curious betting facts

The article author Timothy Burton does a great job in the next section on greyhound racing, he has a great ability to bring a page to life, balancing history and modern day facts with the information I was looking for. If you want to read more from the author you can also get in touch with Timothy Burton on Google plus. As Timothy is a sports journalist his inside information is reflected in how knowledgable he is, this personally made me feel at ease and able to trust his judgement.

I was quite surprised to learn that greyhound racing is over 300 years old and just as surprised to find out there was 25 greyhound stadiums. I really should learn the locations as I imagine that would be a great question in a pub quiz to name them all !

The last section regarding live or in-play betting was one I was really looking forward to reading, as I mentioned earlier there has been a huge surge in advertising lately during football matches offering in-play odds. This is a far cry compared to a few years back when once the game had started you was no longer able to place any bets. Now you are encouraged to bet up to the final minute.

Again the review is crisp and concise and I was delighted that the top recommendation was a company I hadn’t used before, I signed up and received not only a free £50 bet but the chance to have a £25 bet on England with my money returned if they lost. I also love the fact you can cash out early if you are not sure your team can hang on to a slender lead

Overall I felt Timothy Burton has done a fantastic job with, unlike other sites I have visited it was a joy to read. His expertise shone through his reviews and after reading his blog you get the feeling that he lives for his sport.