Regular vs Jackpot Slots – What Can Players Expect?

Mega Moolah is one of the best-known progressive slots.

Although slot machines wouldn’t come under the umbrella of fantasy or interactive sports online, the genre would most certainly appeal to those who are interested in these things. They offer a lot of the excitement and unpredictability that fantasy games provide and can also be played when seeking some respite from the complex world of playing interactive sports online.

It’s true that online slots can seem like a minefield, even to the most experienced online casino players. There are so many things to consider when choosing which one to play, from themes to side games. In this article, we examine some of the main differences between regular slots and jackpot offerings. Knowing the types of game on offer can help the decision-making process when selecting a game.

Regular slots – How they Work and Popular Themes

Modern slots often use popular TV series as inspiration.

Online slots have changed in a myriad of ways since the early, offline days. Despite the evolution, though, certain things have always remained the same. The bulky and rigid machines of old featured three reels which were operated by a lever. The reels still exist today, but most games now have five rather than three. And instead of using a lever to spin them, players simply click their mouse or touch the screen of their mobile device.

The concept of slot machines back in the days of Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell was to match symbols on the reels. The same is still true in the modern era, but developers have been able to take this idea and up the ante tenfold. Back then, at the turn of the 19th century, most slot machines were adorned with various fruit symbols for players to match. Now, in the 2020s, virtually anything can be found on the reels.

Indeed, a common thread to be found on online slots is that they are based on something which has been successful in another sector of the media. For instance, following the unprecedented success of HBO’s Game of Thrones series, Microgaming created an online slot of the same name. It had the sigils of the great houses from the show as symbols on the reels and even used the iconic music.

In an effort to attract as many players as possible from all sorts of different demographics, developers have used diverse themes. There are now musical slots named after popular bands, sports slots, slots based on movies, and slots with original characters and stories. Perhaps the reason why the genre has been so successful is down to the fact that anything can be used as a theme.

Jackpot/Progressive Slots – What’s different?

On the surface, it may be hard to differentiate between a regular slot and a jackpot slot. They often look the same as regular slots, and are known for having their own unique themes as well. Some of them are based on popular culture, while others take on safari imagery or Ancient Egyptian iconography. Luckily, a lot of iGaming sites group these games in a separate category so players know exactly what they’re getting into. Otherwise, they can be identified by the jackpot which is usually displayed above or below the game’s thumbnail.

Jackpot slots are also known as progressive slots because they have a progressive jackpot which gets higher and higher over time until someone wins it. This is because all the games are connected over an online network, with thousands of people playing them. Think of it as similar to a lottery, in which many players buy a ticket and the cost of that ticket contributes to the overall prize pool. Just like in a lottery, one lucky person will take down the grand prize. This could occur at random to anyone who is playing the game.

One of the most popular progressive slots games is Irish Riches from Blueprint Gaming. It plays just like a regular slot machine in that it has its own prizes which it awards to players when they match gold coins or diamonds. Where it differs from a regular slot, however, is that the progressive jackpot can be won at any time, on any prize.

Progressive slots have become famous due to the potential for extremely large pay-outs. Mega Moolah, for instance, has made the news on various occasions when players have won life-changing sums of money. But it is important to remember that these whopping jackpots are a rarity, and players shouldn’t put all their hopes on winning one.

How Do You Know What the Best Choice is for you?

Music fans may be interested in NetEnt’s offerings.

When it comes to choosing whether to play a regular or progressive jackpot game, there isn’t that much difference. The progressive jackpot games do provide the opportunity for players to win high sums, but these happen by  chance to only a handful of fortunate winners. Normally, the two strains of game have fairly similar pay-outs for matching the reels on the symbols.

For this reason, when choosing a slot game, players should simply look for the theme which appeals to them most. For people who enjoy watching  Game of Thrones, it would make sense to play the Microgaming slot which is based on it. For people seeking nostalgia and simplicity, the Starburst slot from NetEnt would be a good option. NetEnt also has a music range, with names named after Guns N’ Roses and Motörhead​​​​​ among others. These titles would certainly appeal to players who want to listen to some top tracks while spinning the reels.

Progressive slots can look a little intimidating to new players with their whopping jackpots which are constantly rising. But they are fairly similar to regular slots in gameplay and themes. When it comes to deciding which slot to play, it’s best to look for the subject matter which most appeals to you.