Preparing for an Exciting Couple of Premier League Weeks

For those of you who are playing Fantasy Premier League, the next couple of weeks are gearing up to be spectacular. We’ve already covered some previews for the 31st week of the season, including our top picks for the week. Chelsea’s latest defeat will only make the leading team more reachable; expect to see both Tottenham and Liverpool taking the most advantage of the narrowing gap.

We’re looking at some interesting matches too. Week 32 and 33 will be filled with exciting moments and shocking changes. Let’s go over some of them in this article, shall we?

Chasing Chelsea

The defeat against Crystal Palace was a big blow to Chelsea. The team had just won an FA Cup match against Manchester United and were – at least according to experts – playing at their best. In fact, the Crystal Palace players’ stamina got the better of Chelsea. On the other hand, both Liverpool and Tottenham banked the full 3 points. Liverpool defeated Everton with a solid 3-1 final score, while Tottenham won against Burnley FC 0-2.

There are only 7 points between Chelsea and Tottenham at the top of the Premier League standings. A victory for Tottenham – and a loss for Chelsea – will bring the two teams even closer. For Tottenham, there is a bit of extra pressure to take into account as well, especially since Liverpool is trailing closely in 3rd place.

A Series of Injuries

Before you set up your Fantasy Premier League team for the week, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, both Liverpool and Tottenham are suffering from injury problems. Tottenham lost Vincent Janssen to an illness just a few weeks ago and now have to let him rest for an undetermined amount of time after a knock. Liverpool is just as unlucky, losing Joel Matip to a back injury. Matip is considered one of the most durable, reliable players in the team.

This means Chelsea’s sparkling form is starting to look like a big advantage. Kante, who scored the winning goal against Manchester United in the FA Cup quarter-final, is starting to show signs of improvement as he plays more for the team. The goal against MU was his 2nd goal for Chelsea; that number is about to go up, according to fans and analysts alike.

We also have Costa with his stunning set of 18 goals this season. That’s at least 1 goal for every couple of matches he’s played. With players such as Fabregas and Hazard backing Costa at the front, it is difficult to imagine Chelsea struggling to score essential goals in the upcoming matches. That is until we see who Chelsea will be playing against on Week 33.

Clash of the Giants

Yes, while Tottenham is scheduled to play Bournemouth and Liverpool will be playing against West Brom, Chelsea’s Week 33 match is against Manchester United. The Red Devils will be hoping for revenge after that FA Cup defeat, making the entire squad more motivated. This could prove to be a nightmare for Chelsea and its Premier League lead.

We’re also getting mixed signals from bookmakers. Odds are set at different levels depending on which bookmakers you choose to use. If you check out the odds and offers from Bet365 by, you will notice that Chelsea is still the favourite; you will also notice that that lead is diminishing rather quickly.

It will be an exciting couple of weeks indeed. Can Tottenham fend off Liverpool and get that much closer to topping the Premier League? Or will Liverpool be the winning team in this situation and secure 2nd place? Construct your Fantasy Premier League team carefully and find out.