Predictions on the best Fantasy Footballers for next season

The popularity of fantasy football has grown hugely over the years with many people buying their players to make up the team that they think will accumulate the most points over the season. Whether they base their teams on the football club that they support, or whether they pick and choose players based on form or record, players are switched, bought and sold throughout the season and during the transfer windows. More often than not some of the best sports betting sites get involved and you can pit your fantasy football team against others to win money, or they base their sports betting predictions in line with their fantasy football team. With the end of the 2015/16 season on the horizon, people are starting to think about who they can get into their team to craft their fantasy football team for next season, so we’ve put together some predictions on who we think the best fantasy footballers will be for next season’s Barclays Premier League.

With Leicester having caused so much of an upset this season, it’s only right to pinpoint one of the major masterminds behind their success. Jamie Vardy has contributed 22 goals this season, and is currently the third highest goal scorer in the Premier League. Having worked on his game for many years at non-league clubs and almost retiring due to a lack of success, he has finally had the breakthrough he was after. As long as he can keep up momentum, whether he stays with Leicester or not, he will definitely be amongst one of the best fantasy footballers next season and is worth having in any fantasy team.

When you hear ‘Harry Kane he’s one of our own’ chanted around White Hart Lane you know he’s done it again and had an excellent game. This has been the norm for the last two seasons, and we can’t see the 2016/17 season being any different. Harry Kane has consistently been top of the tables for goal scorers and points in the fantasy league and so he is highly expected to do the same again. It’s unlikely that the Tottenham local will be tempted by a team abroad with the Spurs blood in his veins, so he’s a safe bet for still being around next season.

Odion Ighalo may seem surprising on this list, but with his incredible form this season with Watford as striker, he has been rapidly accumulating points. With Ighalo supposedly desperate to stay in the Premier League this summer, despite having turned down offers from Atletico Madrid and teams in China, it is likely that he will hone his skills and keep scoring goals to allow him to become of the best fantasy footballers next season.

West Ham player Dimitri Payet regularly spellbinds his fellow players and rivals with his magic feet, as he has helped West Ham to continue to climb up the table this season. The PFA Player of the Year nominee has had an impressive debut season in the Premier League following his £12 million move from Marseille last summer and it is sure that he will continue to rise up the ranks next season.

Kevin de Bruyne was a record signing for Manchester City last year and has been dubbed one of the best footballers in the world. Despite his injury at the end of January which kept him out of the team for two months, before his return on 2nd April and then preceded to score the winning goal against Paris Saint-Germain advancing Manchester City to the semi-finals of the Premier League for the first time in the club’s history. As long as he can remain free from injury (particularly on his knee which has kept him out of Chelsea and Manchester City sides previously), he will easily be up there with the best fantasy footballers next season.

If the 2015/16 Premier League season has proven anything about football, it is that the unexpected can happen. With some great players moving their teams up the ranks, the 2016/17 season is going to be an exciting time for fantasy football.