Preakness Stakes Horse Betting: 5 Tips In Securing Successful Bets

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After Authentic nailed a surprising victory in the Kentucky Derby, fans can look forward to the Preakness Stakes that will start in a few weeks. On October 3, 2020, the Pimlico Park will highlight thirteen all three-year-old colts competing for the Grade 1 Preakness Stakes. Like the Derby, the Preakness will not allow any fans to see the live racing show.

This year, the horse racing community was cheering for Tiz The Law to win the Derby, but Authentic’s fate seems to look clearer than his. Hence, there is no Triple Crown winner this year. Although we won’t see any Triple Crown titleholder, the Preakness Stakes will conclude the series featuring million-dollar pot money.

As the race for the Black-Eyed Susans comes soon, the betting games will surely thrill every fan and bettor. Since the Preakness Stakes will close the Triple Crown this year, picking a winning horse is challenging because each of them brings excellent accomplishments. To ease your pain of picking the right horse to bet, here are some helpful tips to take heed on how to bet on the Preakness Stakes.

Kentucky Derby Winners

Preceded by the Derby this year, some of the Preakness Stakes entrants are coming from this event. Today, Authentic leads the odds ranking and the biggest favorite for the Black-Eyed Susans. You must consider this colt as one of your bets. Regardless if you wager on simple or challenging categories, this horse can surely place or win.

Aside from Authentic, there are also other Derby winners taking shape at the Preakness Stakes. Make sure to consider picking them for your next Preakness Stakes betting game. It helps to pick Derby winners since they have saddled in longer racecourses and might effortlessly complete the Preakness, which has a shorter running-distance.

Belmont Stakes Accomplishers

This year, Tiz the Law won the Belmont Stakes and only second in the Kentucky Derby. According to his owner, he will not run for the Preakness Stakes as he prepares for the $6 million Breeders’ Cup Classic. However, bettors should not worry since his runners-up are heading to the Preakness Stakes and can win big time.

Some of the Belmont Stakes placers who’ll run in the Black-Eyed Susans are Max Player and Pneumatic. Remember that the Belmont Stakes has the longest race course out of the three Triple Crown jewels. If these horses have made a significant placement in a longer course, the Preakness might be a no-sweat for them.

Preakness Field Condition

The Preakness Stakes this year will happen during the wet season. For the past years, it settled in mid-summer, so horses can quickly saddle up in a dry field. In a few weeks, fans and bettors can expect that it might be rainy, and horses will run on a muddy surface. It can greatly affect the colt’s speed, so get guided with the field condition.

Although the Preakness Stakes has the shortest course, if the horse can’t sustain an excellent speed in a muddy track, he might not get successful. So, when you pick for your Preakness Stakes bets, look for an entry that can saddle up well in a dry or wet racecourse. In this way, you can ensure that they can win all the way regardless of how the weather looks like on race day.

Non-Triple Crown Achievements

The Preakness Stakes entries did not only work out for the Triple Crown this year. Do know that there are various notable horse racing shows happening all over the world. If a horse has garnered huge accomplishments other than the Triple Crown jewels, they are more likely a good Preakness bet to consider.

Some of the Preakness Stakes participants this year had competed in Derby trails. These racing games have the same field as the Preakness Stakes. So, if a horse has ended a successful stint in these trails, they are most likely to do the same at Pimlico Park. Take time to review each entries’ non-Triple Crown achievements to compare and contrast.

Jockeys And Trainers

Jockeys and trainers play the biggest role in honing the horses’ talents and skills. No matter how tough the horse can look, he won’t be able to develop his skills without the help of these people. Looking back, most Preakness winners are trained and ridden by familiar jockeys and trainers, so you can do the same strategy this Preakness season.

A racehorse trainer who has accomplished many Triple Crown awards come out successful. The same goes for the jockey. If he has built a strong connection with the horse and can control the right speed during the race, they might end up successful.


The Preakness Stakes is not going anywhere, as it will start in less than ten days. Although the fans won’t get the chance to see the live racing show at the venue, the betting games are still settling on your most trusted online bookie. Hence, if you aim to pick a successful Preakness Stakes to bet this year, don’t forget to apply the tips above to earn considerably.