Three Tips For Rugby League Betting

With the help of betting apps, it has never been easier to place a bet on rugby league. Whether you are at home on your sofa or on the move or with friends, you can place a bet on a game at the swipe of a button on your phone.

Bookmakers have in recent years expanded their catalogue of leagues which they offer betting on. In England, the majority of the big firms offers odds on matches all the way down to League One.

Here is a look at three things you should consider when it comes to betting on rugby league today.

Take Advantage of Sign-Up Offers

In order to win your custom, bookmakers offer some very generous promotions in order for you to open a betting account with them. These include boosted odds, a free bet and cross-promotions on their casino products.

These offers can be used on the rugby league odds for an 80-minute match, an outright market for a league or cup or you can bet on a player to score the first try in a game. Look out for the best of these promotions and use them. You are under no obligation to carry on betting with them after this period.

Bet In-Play

Not only do bookmakers allow you to place a bet on a rugby league game before it starts, but they also offer in-running odds on the majority of their matches. The benefit of betting in-play is you can watch the opening stages of the action and base an opinion on who looks the most likely winner.

Odds are offered throughout the game so you can watch as much of the game as you like before placing your bet. An example of this was the 2019 Challenge Cup which was won by Warrington Wolves. Steve Price’s side were outsiders going into that match but they made a strong start against St Helens and went on to build upon that early success to lift the trophy.

Cash-out facility

One of the most modern features to be introduced by bookmakers in their rugby league and sports betting is the cash-out facility. Some firms allow you to take a cash offer for your bet at various stages of the match.

The cash value will obviously depend on how strong your bet is looking. If your team is well ahead, like St Helens were in their 2019 Grand Final success against Salford City Reds, you are likely to get a very good offer.

With so many late tries in rugby league, many punters have ended up winning on a bet which should have gone on to lose. However, if you cash out too early, you may miss out on your full winnings.

Although cash out is not for everybody, it is a feature which is nice to have in case you have the desire to get out of your bet.

Hopefully the above three tips can help you become more profitable in your rugby league betting. Have fun and always bet responsibly.

How you can keep betting on horse races during quarantine

The 2020 Virtual Grand National

UK horse racing fans are used to there being meetings held almost every day of the year. The pandemic has changed all that though. No meetings are being held in the UK and Ireland for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities to bet on horse racing.

A calendar in tatters

The month of April is an important one in the horse racing world. It begins with the Grand National at Aintree, one of the most popular races in the world. Then the flat season begins its build-up to the first classics of the season. Not this year though with the crisis bringing the sport to a halt.

The Cheltenham Festival was controversially held but soon after racing came to a halt. The first four classics of the season have been postponed, but it’s hoped that Royal Ascot may go ahead, albeit behind closed doors. It’s a situation none of us could have predicted, so what do we do for our daily bet on the horses?

There are many ways in which we can continue to bet on horse racing. This ranges from the remaining live events to virtual horse racing. If you are not familiar with virtual horse race betting, find more detailed information here. It’s a godsend for bookmakers.

International racing to the rescue

There are still horse races taking place in other parts of the world. Bookmakers and television stations are now turning their attention to Hong Kong, South Africa, the USA and Australia. Those countries are still holding meetings, and that means betting opportunities for gamblers.

Coverage of meetings such as Happy Valley, Will Rogers Downs and Gulfstream Park is nothing new to British gamblers. When bookmakers were allowed to extend their opening hours, they turned to America to provide betting opportunities for their customers. The arrival of the internet created 24/7 betting on the sport. If there were a race taking place, there would be odds given on it and the chance to get a winner. The horses may be a bit unfamiliar to us, but there are plenty of helpful form guides available.

In football, we have some international action to keep a whiff of interest going, notably in Belarus and Nicaragua, but that’s not helped the fantasy football market one bit.

A virtual winner

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Even if there weren’t any meetings taking place, bookmakers still found a way to present horse racing coverage. Virtual horse racing has been with us for a fair while now. It’s another way to allow gamblers to get a winner. Again it has a link to the extended opening hours for bookmakers. Most UK meetings don’t start until the afternoon, so the morning is spent working out who to bet on and then placing those bets.

If only there was something similar for football, and our FISO Goals game could continue as normal.

To get more business, bookmakers started showing virtual horse racing. The horses may not be real, but any profits or losses incurred when betting on virtual horse racing are. High Street bookmakers began showing these races throughout the day and night. The same happened online as it became clear that they were popular and the latest chance for bookmakers to make more profits.

The graphics have improved as time has gone by. Virtual racing seems ideal for the situation that we currently find ourselves in. A constant stream of betting opportunities for gamblers who want to make some profits.

The Virtual Grand National

One of the most significant blows so far has been the cancellation of the Grand National. The race couldn’t even be held behind closed doors, so no chance for Tiger Roll to win the race for a third straight year. The thought of there being no Grand National at all was a horrible one, so the Virtual Grand National took place.

This saw the scheduled runners take part but in a virtual race with profits going to charity. It wasn’t the same of course and Tiger Roll only came fifth with Potters Corner being triumphant. The holding of the race did at least keep interest in horse racing alive and give gamblers the chance to place some bets.

What does the future hold?

Heaven forbid, we end up with the Virtual Derby in June, but it’s highly likely that might be the case. France is hoping to see the return of horse racing in May; perhaps we might get some kind of season after all.

Until that is confirmed though, gamblers will have to be content with overseas racing and a constant stream of virtual racing. This must be the case as the gambling industry struggles along with its High Street shops closed. Virtual racing, in particular, is one form of the sport that will keep both gamblers and betting companies busy until this crisis comes to an end.

Is This Just Fantasy?

Fantasy leagues have been absolutely killing it in the US – some of the biggest such as DraftKings and FanDuel in some regards are bigger than the betting market and although many services such as these ones aren’t blocked by any regulation, fantasy leagues to many don’t seem like gambling so get a pass in how they operate. But the growth is starting to spread, fantasy leagues are starting to pop up in countries all over the world including the UK and finding increasing success as many aim to win the big jackpots and become one of the many huge success stories that can be found in testimonials of these services.

An estimated over 60 million players participate in fantasy leagues within the US each year, with the average annual amount spent is closing in on $600 per person, with almost 70% of players participating in paid leagues – with so many sports taking place, the NHL, NBA, MLS, NFL – all the acronymed games represented on all the platforms, it’s clear why it’s so huge. Here in the UK, we mostly only have football to fall back on as the biggest of the fantasy leagues but as larger publications start to put their opinions forward – it’s more than apparent that the growth is there. As mentioned, many are hoping to hop on to the backs of the huge success stories, those who have placed a $20 bet and walked away with a cool million. 

Of course the question for the UK finding mainstream success will be whether or not there’s enough football played to sustain the market in the long term – overseas the growths have come year on year due to the wide market in which they’re able to operate, and we’re beginning to see the same here as fantasy football has continued to find growth – the market is also expanding in to some other more niche sports and most notably into esports – perhaps the biggest benefit for UK fantasy leagues, however, is that the Premier League and English football is so large, and so widely watched, that the audience extends across Europe and of course those in the US who will also be interested in following UK leagues.

Just like the US services, it’s looking unlikely that the growth will slow, however, as fantasy football and betting seem to grow hand in hand as popularity continues to grow outward – the spread of the virus may have put a little damper on things as no Premier League football is being played, but once things get underway again which many hope will be in May, those who have been on hold and looking forward to some entertainment will no doubt be eager to get their fantasy drafts back underway and to see teams getting back out on the pitch – as we have seen across the pond though, is that fantasy sports are definitely a phenomenon and are very likely here to stay for the long term.

5 must-have Chrome extensions for every online casino player

There are a lot of reasons why ⅔ of the population decides to use Chrome as their default browser and that is due to how fast it is and the huge amount of special features that go with it.

To be more specific, we are going to focus on extensions for the game preferred by all players, the famous online slot machines. If you want your slot game to be much better Wisegambler UK recommends the following extensions.

Awesome New Tab Page 

As we know Chrome tabs work very well, but with this tool, you will take the organization of your tabs to another level. You can add your own shortcuts and any type of widget, and also, you can organize it according to your needs. It is the most comfortable and simple way to easily access all your favorite online casinos and slot games. 


If you and I are totally honest, we know that not many times we want people to know that we are playing online. It is not that there is anything wrong with playing online casinos but many times we have visits from family or friends or simply curious children who do not want to be seen while spinning reels and think that we could be doing something else.

With this in mind they created the PanicButton extension which allows you to hide all your tabs with a single button, and when you find yourself just press the button again and you will return to the place where you were in the game. If we think about it, this tool can help us with many awkward conversations.

Awesome ScreenShot 

If you have ever had a victory that you wanted to memorize but you simply could not, with this extension you can without a doubt. The only thing you have to do is install it and the next time you find the perfect turn you can immediately catch it with a single click.


This is without a doubt one of my favorite extensions. We know that online casinos take many very good security measures to keep us safe, and with that come very good password habits, however, not everything is perfect and it always depends a lot on the casino where you are playing.

This is where LastPass is useful since this magnificent free password manager will allow us to automatically create passwords that no one will be able to guess for every casino you visit, and with this, the only password that you will have to remember is that of the extension.


We know that we human beings like to feel comfortable, and many times comfort comes with customs, that is why we always end up entering the same pages to find the slot machines that we like. With the extensions Categorizer, all our favourite sites will be classified according to when you like to visit them. This extension is quite useful if you don’t want to miss weekly bonuses from a certain casino.

If you are looking to use these extensions in other countries than, check out CasinoSelfie for a proper casino bonus in the Nordics

The 5 strategies in online casino games that work like magic

All of us online casino players have asked ourselves if there really is the possibility of facing a casino, that is, beating it. And the truth is that most experts in the area know that yes, but the real question is in how they do it? Is there an infallible game plan that will help you get the acclaimed jackpot?

The excellent news after asking these questions is that there is a very good plan of 5 strategies that work like magic against the best online casinos.

While it is true that casinos do their utmost to decrease the numbers of profits generated, the truth is that at some point any player can beat them. The important thing here is to establish a winning pattern by trying new approaches and strategies, so without going too far, we are going with these 5 strategies:

· Make the most of casino bonuses

One of the main things we must do when playing online is to choose the best online casinos out there, that is, the ones with the best reputations. Always keep in mind that they have fair and safe gaming experience. Due to the high competitiveness that exists in the area of ​​online casinos, many of those casinos try to attract new users by offering a good group of free promotions such as welcome packs, cashback bonuses, different special promotions, and various gifts.

To clarify all these casino bonuses are real, so you have to make the most of them by getting the most out of them and enjoying this deal with the online casino. After all, these special promotions are a very useful way to increase our chances of winning.

·  You have to know how to choose online slots

What is always recommended in this situation is to carry out your own research on the best slot machines that are found in the most beneficial online market according to the pay table that it generates. As you should know, each slot machine comes with its own characteristics, among which are the characteristics of the game and the possibilities of payment, of which each variation can surprise us.

To be clearer on this point, the small differences or discrepancies between the different online slots can make a significant difference in the profits generated in the long term. The important thing here is to try to choose online slots that have Scatters, Wild symbols and special features, such as free spins or bonus games.

· Check the RTP and volatility of the slot

For those who already know it and for those who haven’t yet, RTP is the return to the player, that is, it is the percentage of the money played in online slots that players are required by law to return as winnings. over a certain predefined period of time or a predefined number of turns as well.

Generally, this term varies between 92 and 97 and it is always good to try to choose a game with an RTP greater than 95%, so you will be going for a good option.

Given all this, it is also extremely important to determine volatility, and what I basically want to say is that the less volatility a slot machine has, the gains will be more frequent but at the same time smaller and vice versa.

·  Organize and manage your money

This strategy is really useful and it is very entertaining especially for those users who enjoy the action. The tactic we used was called apportioning the funds.

What you should do when playing in an online casino is that every time you win you place the original bet in your pocket and play the rest of the day or the game day with the money you generated. And in case of losing, reorganize your strategy and calmly evaluate what is the best way to proceed. Take it easy always.

·  Play tournaments

There are a huge number of online tournaments, among which the poker ones stand out as you should already know, however, many of the best online casinos have different online slot tournaments within their platforms, especially if they are new slot sites… While you play online you have the possibility to compete with other contestants and with it also plan ahead the strategies to implement.

Participating in tournaments is not necessary to win frequently and you can see good earnings in the long term.

Fantasy FIFA eSports

Even though domestic and international football for the 2019-2020 season has been postponed indefinitely in most countries in Europe and around the world due to the current crisis, football fans around the world have not been standing idly by. Football’s sudden absence left a considerable void in the lives of millions of people and eSports have filled part of that space. That doesn’t mean just eSports players, but viewers as well. Twitch, for example, the most popular platforms for game streamers at this moment worldwide, saw total viewership for March 2020 grow by 31%.

Considering our year-long focus on fantasy football, and fantasy Premier League football in particular, it’s no surprise that football is our fantasy eSport of interest. We figured it could be interesting to see how the crisis has affected this relatively new industry and what it can mean for you. That’s because FanTeam wouldn’t be Europe’s leading fantasy football provider if they were not offering several electronic football tournaments as well, like the FIFA eSports Bundesliga and the FIFA eSports Champions League, to compensate for King Football’s absence.

In other words you can still play on FanTeam and keep entertained during lock-down in your country. Like the other fantasy tournaments on FanTeam, the eSports tournaments come in a pay-to-play format. Amongst the available payment methods are even digital wallets, like Skrill and Neteller, that allow cryptocurrencies as a payment option. If this has your preference, all you need to do is transfer the cryptocurrency of your choice to your Skrill or Neteller wallet, select it as your preferred method of payment, and voilà. Your cryptocurrency payments are ready for use. Many people around the world, including footballers and football fans, are turning to cryptocurrencies and automated crypto trading apps like in order to generate returns given the low interest rates offered on safer deposit accounts. Many official bank rates are at or very close to 0% now and trading in bitcoin can offer greater rewards.

Fantasy FIFA eSports on FanTeam

FanTeam are offering several Fantasy FIFA eSports tournaments while the immediate future of real-time football is still entirely uncertain. In case you hadn’t considered one of the existing tournaments, we’ll take a quick look at the available ones below. One of the great things about FanTeam is that many of the concepts for their different tournaments are (almost) identical. This allows you to participate in several tournaments and leagues without having to get the hang of a whole new set of rules each time. Keep in mind as well that factors like player prices and budgets can vary per gameweek.

The FIFA eFootball Daily Event

The concept of this tournament is quite simple. Out of the eight available eSports players, you can pick three within a budget of 50.5M. You can get a ticket for €1 or €5 to play for prize pools of around €500 or around €2000, respectively. This means that for a relatively low entry price, you can participate in daily tournaments with a chance of some serious returns.

FIFA eFootball Champions League

The FIFA eFootball Champions League tournament is quite similar to the FIFA eFootball Daily Event on Fanteam in the sense that players need to pick a team of three eSports teams, but within a budget of between 40M and 50M, depending of the gameweek. The eSporters involved can only pick teams that are currently still in the Champions League. Again, this tournament can be entered via a ticket of €1 or €5, while the prize money lies around €500 and €2000, respectively.

FIFA Bundesliga Home Challenge

As the name of this weekly tournament indicates, the FIFA Bundesliga Home Challenge is based on the highest league of German football and was specially set up to encourage people to stay home while the corona threat is still present around the world. With a ticket of €1 or €5, you can bet on the teams you feel will score most points in order to get a piece of the prize pools, as long as you stay within the predetermined budget of 54.5M. These are usually set at around €1000 and €3000 in total, respectively. For aficionados of Bundesliga football, this is an excellent form of entertainment during lock-down times.

The FanTeam FIFA Cup

For the FanTeam FIFA Cup, the game concept is largely identical to the other eFootball tournaments on the website, but only one type of entry ticket is usually available: €5 to play for a prize pool of around €2000. You need to stick to a budget of around 55M and the availability in this popular fantasy tournament tends to vary between 400 and 700 available spots. At the time of writing all of the FanTeam FIFA Cup games have finished, but this is a weekly game, so look out for the FanTeam FIFA Cup next week.

FIFA eSports Champions League

The fifth and final eSports concept that is currently available on FanTeam on a weekly basis is the FIFA eSports Champions League tournament. Like the other Champions League game organised by FanTeam, this one also focuses on fantasy teams from the 2019-2020 Champions League campaign. By buying a €5 ticket and picking three eSports players from the available roster, players can compete for a prize pool of around €1000. The parameters, such as budget and the prize pools, can always vary per week and the same goes for all of the other fantasy FIFA eSports on FanTeam. That’s why we recommend, if you’re planning to give FanTeam a try (or if you’re already an avid player), to keep an eye on the website and make sure you’re aware of when the new tournaments are being uploaded. The sooner you know the exact parameters for a gameweek, the sooner you can being to plan for the best possible team selections.

Start of April 2020: Where is the EPL at?

One of the many, many consequences of the current lockdown is the suspension of professional football until further notice. This, of course, poses a gigantic issue for a lot of stakeholders, from clubs and sponsors to club employees and the players themselves, but also for seasoned fantasy football players like you and us. The big decision comes down to allowing the current season to finish one way or another, or to let the fat lady sing and hang it up. We can read about emergency meetings, conflicting interests, and the enormous complexity of the situation almost every day, but what’s the real status now? Are we still going to see the remaining gameweeks of the 2019-2020 Premier League being played or is the Premier League chief executive Richard Masters going to have to write Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (and the rest of Liverpool’s red side) a little explanatory note? We decided to use this article to shed a bit more light on the current status of the Premier League.

What was initially decided?

On March 19th, 2020, the BBC and many other reputable news outlets reported that English football would be suspended entirely until at least the 30th of April due to the rapidly developing situation at the time. This meant that all games in England’s Premier League, EFL, Women’s Super League, and Women’s Championship, and all fixtures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, are currently postponed. Before that, the 19/20 season was scheduled to end on the 1st of June 2020.

At the time of this news, a joint statement was issued by the FA, Premier League and EFL to express “a commitment to finding ways of resuming the 2019-20 season” and to state that completing all domestic and European matches was the objective “as soon as it is safe and possible to do so”. An additional complicating factor is that these decisions don’t only depend on the English football bodies, but on the UEFA and the FIFA, as well. European football, in terms of participation, prize money, TV right, and ticket sales, is an essential component of the operational model of many clubs. As a result, unilateral decisions taken by domestic leagues can set into motion a chain reaction of financial events that would make the situation for the football world even worse. There is a lot of wealth within the top echelons of the Football Leagues which flows down to the players particularly the stars of the game. Some of them have an interest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and use robot trading systems such as bitcoin era to aid their crypto trading. Generating a return from cryptocurrency assets is important and an automatic system can be of help particularly for those that are new to bitcoin.

By now though, it’s almost a month ago since that decision was taken and the UK, like the rest of the world, has not been sitting still during that time. This week on Wednesday, April 8th, the English Football League outlined a new plan that would allow the current season to be finished before the supposed start of the 2020-2021 campaign. The Premier League has not made its own statement, but one is expected soon. For now, we’ll take a quick look at what the EFL has proposed and what the immediate future of the Premier League might hold.

The current status of English football

The English Football League held a meeting on Wednesday, April 8th, to discuss the immediate future of the ongoing football season and, in a sense, the future of English football overall. That meeting was followed by a message from league chairman Rick Parry to all Football League clubs in which the EFL advises to give all players a holiday and to not resume group training until May 16th  at the earliest. The idea behind this suggestion is to restart the 19-20 season in June 2020 and complete all of the remaining fixtures, including the hugely important play-offs, over a period of 56 days. For the Championship alone, this would require squeezing 113  matches into an eight-week period.

The EFL’s letter was obviously designed to provide clubs with some clarity amid the chaos, but the reality is that not much more has been cleared up. It does shed a light on the intentions of the Football League, but a meaningful caveat exists, namely the EFL will continue to listen to government advice. This basically means that any statements from within English football with which the government has not been involved, are subject to change. The Premier League has not offered this kind of guidance for its member organisations yet, apart from suspending the league indefinitely as announced on April 3rd, but like the EFL, their decisions are largely dependent on government advice and guidelines as well.

So what is the Premier League doing?

Despite the EFL and the PL operating individually in many areas, season-defining decisions of the type that need to be taken soon will undoubtedly be taken after the two leagues reach an agreement. As far as the Premier League goes, the most recent indications of their expectations regarding the end of the 19-20 campaign came during an FA Council meeting held from FA chairman Greg Clarke on Tuesday this week (April 7th). He confirmed that fully completing the season with promotion, relegation, and title winners is still the plan, but also that human life was the priority and that there are certainly realistic scenarios in which the Premier League season cannot be finished as planned. Or to put it in his own words:

We are committed to finishing the professional football season as this resolves the issues of promotion and relegation together with title winners on merit. However, we may not be able to finish the season as football is not our priority, human life is, and we will do as the Government directs as the pandemic unfolds.” (Click here for the link to a video of Clarke’s speech).

The FA Chairman also spoke about the real risk of Premier League clubs getting into potentially fatal trouble in several severe scenarios and urged football stakeholders to unite to create a plan to ensure English football is not damaged beyond imagination. In other words, there is no definite plan yet for continuation (or cancellation) of the 19/20 PL campaign, but the wheels are moving. We don’t know when English football will return to our screens and lives, so all we can do for you now is to keep you updated on any developments and recommend to keep an eye on Premier League news yourself as well.

Belarus, Burundi, Nicaragua, Tajikistan: what do these countries have in common with each other?

None of these countries have yet had the honour of participating in a World Cup! But we need to talk about them because the Belarusian Premier League, the Burundi Premier League, the Primera División de Nicaragua and the Tajik Higher League are the only professional football leagues in the world (apart from maybe a few of the really very obscure leagues) that have not been halted yet, while the rest of the world is in lock-down.

Of course, we don’t know the ins and outs of the day-by-day situation in these countries and if their situations allow for football to go on, all the better. Still, we hope that the locals in these countries stay healthy, and manage to find a wise balance between footballing entertainment and safety.

As for our members and readers from the rest of the world, we hope you’re healthy and holding on. We said it before and we’ll say it again: this global crisis is a crisis of each and every one of us and only together can we return to relative normality again as soon as possible. Be wise, and try to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and if possible, a stranger in need.

Now, back to Belarus. FanTeam wouldn’t be Europe’s leading fantasy football provider if they were not capable of offering their members and fans some entertainment in these crazy, almost football-less times. Enter the Belarusian Premier League (200+ FanTeam tournaments) and the Belarusian Cup (60+ FanTeam tournaments). Unfortunately, the Burundian, Nicaraguan, and Tajik leagues are not available at the moment of writing.

In other words you can still play on FanTeam and learn about one of Europe’s lesser-known competitions at the same time. Like the other fantasy tournaments on FanTeam, the Belarusian tournaments come in a pay-to-play format. Amongst the available payment methods are even digital wallets, like Skrill and Neteller, that allow cryptocurrencies as a payment option. This is a good option to have, as many people including Premier League footballers invest in bitcoin and players from countries like Belarus would probably like to be paid in bitcoin as well. Not only sportsmen, many celebrities have become fans of bitcoin expecting good returns. However, trading bitcoin manually has become a concern for many of the top level investors and this is the reason they find the automated bitcoin trading software applications like bitcoin profit to be time saving and effective. These bots carry out the trade autonomously even during the non trading hours. If crypto is your preference, all you need to do is transfer the cryptocurrency of your choice to your Skrill or Neteller wallet, select it as your preferred method of payment, and voilà. Your cryptocurrency payments are ready for use.

Belarusian Premier League

Time to get into what you actually came here for, namely our view on the upcoming games in the Belarusian Premier League. We have left out this week’s Belarusian Cup games and we might cover those at a later stage, but for the moment, just keep in mind that they are taking place this week when deciding on your bets for the league games coming weekend.

To start with, the highest domestic football league in Belarus has only just kicked off. At this moment, the teams have played three league games and modest outfit FC Bgu Minsk are the only team with a perfect record so far. Behind last season’s number 12, there are six teams with 6 points. Reigning champions FC Dynamo Brest find themselves in 10th and the country’s second-biggest club, FC Dinamo Minsk are a spot below them. BATE Borisov, Belarus’s record-champions (15 titles, including an unbelievable run of 13 consecutive titles between 2006 and 2018) and probably the best-known Belarusian team, have made a more than disappointing start to the 2020-2021 campaign with a 13th place out of 16.

On FanTeam, you can pick single-game tournaments, a tournament that covers coming Saturday (April 11th) and one that covers coming Sunday (April 12th). Instead of focusing on one or more of these specific tournaments, of which there are more than 200 on FanTeam, we have opted for a more global approach. On Friday, for example, Belshina Bobruisk are playing away against number 8 Neman Grodno. The home team finished 9th last season and have won both of their home games this season (2 goals scored, 0 conceded), while the visitors are currently last with 0 points, 5 goals conceded, and 1 goal scored. In other words, Belshina look like a potential source of fantasy points coming weekend.

On Saturday, three games are taking place with the home game for current number two FK Slutsk against number six FK Vitebsk being the fixture that stands out. In reality, both teams have 6 points after three games, but Slutsk boast a slightly better goal difference (+2 vs. +0). A more telling difference so early in the season is perhaps the fact that Slutsk got six points from a home victory and an away victory, while Vitebsk recorded their six points at home. The away game against Grodno last weekend was lost (2-0). It’s probably too early to make a judgement on any kind of sustainable home/away form, but we can see Slutsk book their second home victory of the season here.

Finally, on Sunday, there are another three games to finish gameweek 4 of the Belarusian Premier League. At first glance, the afternoon game between current 3rd placed FC Minsk and BATE Borisov (13th) stands out, but we think the result of this game between a last season’s number 10 and the country’s biggest club is very unpredictable, due to the underdogs playing at home and the favourites going through a tough start to the new season.

Instead, we would focus on the encounter between FC Smolevichi and Shakter Soligorsk. Soligorsk’s first three games have ended in a victory, a draw and a loss (4 points total), while newly-promoted Smolevichi have taken just a single point over that same run, away against reigning champions Brest in GW1. Despite having played just one away game so far this season, Soligorsk top the table for away games, thanks to their 0-2 victory over FK Gorodeya last weekend. These are also the only two goals the team has managed to score up until now. Smolevichi, on the other hand, have scored just 1 goal and conceded 3 overall. We don’t expect this to be a goal-scoring bonanza by any stretch, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the visitors took at least a point from this one, if not more.

Fantasy Sports Action Continues! Courtesy of FanTeam.

Whilst all major sport is paused, FanTeam are sourcing sports action from around the world in order to bring entertainment to Fantasy Sports fans. Their offering of Daily Fantasy Sports tournaments for April currently includes Football from the Belarus Premier League and Basketball all the way from Taiwan. In the second half of March, FanTeam brought us Fantasy Football from Australia, Hong Kong, Turkey and Venezuela so are continually sourcing sports action for us to enjoy during the lockdowns. FanTeam do provide some stats information on each club to aid your choices. All tournaments have a guarantee prize level with payouts to the top 20% and have entry fees set at only 1 euro or 5 euros to help keep the boredom away.

The Fantasy Football action challenges you to choose just 4 players. This can be from just one match (i.e. 2 clubs) or from a few matches taking place that day. There are no budget constraints (meaning you have a choice of any 4 players) but so that everyone doesn’t pick the better-rated players for every €2 million less spent on a player you gain 1 point. Those managers selecting the lower priced players will thus start ahead of the managers who have selected the higher priced players – hence this entertaining format of Fantasy Football is called ‘Pursuit’. Here is an example of one of our selected teams for the Fantasy Belarusian Premier League where you can see that because we have chosen quite expensive players (from the team favourite to win) and have captained the most expensive player in the tournament (both the striker’s points and cost count double) we start with only 2.4 bonus points – unless the striker gets a goal or assist then we’re unlikely to finish in the top 20% because other managers captaining a much cheaper player will have scored more points than us due to the Pursuit bonus points system.

FanTeam’s ‘Safety Net’ and ‘Stacking Penalty’ systems are also in place menaing that a) if you were not available to check the starting line-up in the hour before kick-off and your selected player did not play then he would be substituted with the next lowest priced starting-player in the same position from the same team (assuming there is such a player) and b) if you selected more than one defensive player (Goalkeeper/Defender) from the same team then you get 1 penalty point for each extra player meaning picking a block defense is not the easy option that it would be otherwise.

FanTeam have also launched Fantasy FIFA eSports (Premier League and Champions League) on their sportsbook offering.

And launching later today FanTeam will have a new fantasy game for eEuro2020.

FPL and the postponement of the Premier League

Before anything else, we hope that anyone who reads this (and their friends and family) is in good health and remains to be so in the midst of these unprecedented times. Few times throughout the history of English football has an external occurrence like the current situation so clearly and dramatically shown us that there are more important things in life than football.

The global scale and extremely rapid evolution of this event make it seem unstoppable at times, but it’s not. Far from it, actually, but it does require each and everyone of us to behave responsibly. Listen to what your government requests, they are working on flattening the curve in order to prevent public health systems from overloading and collapsing. Take the situation seriously, but remember there is no reason to panic. Try an extra social and compassionate attitude in daily life, from regular phone calls to your elderly loved ones to volunteering some of your time to help other people and small businesses, especially the most vulnerable ones. This crisis is everyone’s crisis, regardless of beliefs, race, or wealth, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to fulfil their duties as citizens and human beings.

Now, games like the Fantasy Premier League played by over 7 million people worldwide. Sure, many things are more important than football, but we believe we’re speaking in name of more than a few FPL managers out there when we say that a postponement of the entire Premier League until at least the 4th of April has brought about a whole additional sensation of withdrawal, on top of the ongoing madness. So what’s the situation at the moment? When will our weekends have purpose again? Can the league really be declared null and void? And if so, who would tell Jurgen Klopp?

We definitely don’t have all the answers, but with this article we do hope to shed a bit more light on the current situation for you.


First things first, the Premier League. We doubt you missed this news, but last Friday morning, March 13th, the English Football Association decided to postpone all footballing action until April 4th. The first teams to go into quarantine after a squad member got infected were Arsenal, after manager Mikel Arteta was revealed to have tested positive on Thursday; Chelsea, where Callum Hudson-Odoi tested positive on Thursday night; and Everton.

From a footballing perspective, the big problem is that there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the coming weeks and months. The current measures run until April 4th, but the way it is spreading throughout Europe and the world at the moment make an extension of those measures more than likely. The fact that many huge sports events are already being postponed entirely (including the 2020 Euro Cup, which we’ll cover later on) could indicate that experts and governments are expecting a period of at least several months before a return to relative normality can even be considered again.

As a senior English football executive told the Financial Times earlier this week, there is no rulebook about having to finish a season, which means a potential premature ending of the 2019/20 campaign has to be discussed amongst all teams. That discussion would almost certainly be dominated by different teams defending very different interests, from Liverpool claiming the title to the likes of Norwich and West Ham fighting to avoid relegation this way. And of course promotions to the Premier League from the Championship. Another possibility is that the remainder of this season is completed much later on, but with football calendars so cramped already, this will cause an abundance of complications as well. Or maybe there will be no relegations but still promotions and a 22 team Premier League next season with extra relegations at the end of that season?

In other words, the situation looks dire as an uncomplicated solution seems not to exist. We can’t say much about the near future of the Premier League yet, we’ll simply have to wait and see how the bigger picture evolves around the world, but what we can do, is take a look at what it would mean in an economic sense if the 2019/20 Premier League season cannot be finished, which is one of the possible scenarios.

What complicates the situation at a fundamental level is the sheer amount of money directly related to the Premier League. Here are a few parameters and their values:

Parameter Value per year Losses if PL is cancelled
Annual ticket sales PL £720 million 10 weeks (£190m)
TV rights in UK £1.3 billion About £9m per game
Int. broadcasting £9.2 billion  
Champions League spot Total prize pool of £2 billion  
Promotion to PL At least £170 million  

These are, of course, just a few of the many factors that will come into play during this discussion, but it does provide a good idea of the economic and financial consequences of cancelling the rest of this season. On top of the hugely differing interests per club, there are also the contracts with sponsors, broadcasters, and other stakeholders to take into account. How are they all going to find a compromise that is fair to everyone? We don’t know, but we do know that it’s going to be a discussion for the ages.

EURO 2020

Football leagues all over Europe have been brought to a halt over the past week or so and we might provide a more in-depth look into the situation of some of these leagues at a later point, but we felt we could not skip over Euro 2020.

Euro 2020 was postponed by a year.

The tournament was supposed to take place between June 12th 2020 and July 12th 2020, but it was decided by the UEFA today (Tuesday, March 17th) to move it to the period June 11th 2021 – July 11th 2021. On the one hand, this drastic measure could indicate that the experts and authorities have no hope of a return to relative normality before coming summer, meaning bad news for the rest of the Premier League season as well. On the other hand, postponing the European Championships potentially frees up a month this summer in which the remaining PL games could be played. This remains highly uncertain though, as it is simply impossible to know when normal life, including football and other sports, can resume. All we can say for now is to stay safe, stay healthy, be wise, keep a close eye on the news, and try to make the best of this football-less period.