Meet Traffic Puma. The New Affiliate Marketing Beast for Online Gaming

Traffic Puma is the newest name in affiliate marketing. You better watch out for this animal. Because it is born to prowl the affiliate marketing space and bring some new ideas to market.

Meet Traffic Puma.

One of the newest to enter the affiliate marketing space. A space which is pretty saturated as it is. But Traffic Puma is not a business idea made up in the basement office. Because the company is founded by three friends from the iGaming industry.

Together they have several decades in the business. Experience that could be of benefit, if one is able to find the right project.

Traffic Puma

And the first project for Traffic Puma is one that targets the UK.

In the UK the market for online sports betting and casinos is very high, so this will be a natural starting point. Also, because Traffic Puma has special knowledge in these areas.

To spearhead Traffic Puma’s campaign in the UK, they will use the newly developed site
And the communicational task at hand for CEO Ken Larsen at Traffic Puma will be to explain how “wise” merges with “gambling” in the first place.

The Wise Gambler

“In our gaming universe we want to attract people like you and me, who like to play online games – for money – occasionally”, he explains. “The important thing is to keep your gambling under control. And we want to focus on that in all of our communication”.

The project was conceived, planned, and executed in full compliance with UK regulations, which changed recently.

“Our core values include responsibility. And for us, it is on our part we need to see more responsibility. We will communicate this idea better.”

Information is a key piece of the puzzle, as more and more users seek just that. appeals to responsible players who want to keep their playing under a little control.
And, at the same time, enjoying themselves.

Malta Location

Traffic Puma is located on the small island/country of Malta. And it seems fitting, not just because Malta is one of the best places to be if you’re in the gaming industry, but also because people in the business mix more here.

Traffic Puma was started by three colleagues and friends from “the business.”
And according to Larsen, one of Traffic Puma’s main weapons is exactly the collective experience of its founders.

“It is Traffic Puma’s ability to consolidate tech and resources from already existing ventures that will be our main strength.”

The company already has several affiliate sites in various foreign markets, such as Northern Europe, and South America. Wisegambler is going well, and the plan is to launch several other sites soon. Keep an eye out for this up-and-coming company from Malta, if you’re interested in lead marketing and affiliate marketing for the iGaming industry.