Inter Miami: The MLS Club and How It Attracts Stars

Photo by Tareq Ismail on Unsplash

Inter Miami is known for its prominent status in Major League Soccer. While the club have known its ups and downs, it has certainly been one to seek to add top talent to its ranks. Romeo Beckham, David Beckham’s son, is playing for the club, and Inter Miami has been known to cultivate a top talent. The young 19-year-old ace, though, scored beautifully in what was his first point for the team. If that were a high-limit roulette online, Beckham would have hit the equivalent of “all in on red.”

But what has made it possible for Inter Miami to actually cultivate this top crop of talent? Well, it has to do with the grassroots culture for soccer in the United States, which is improving by the day, as many find the NFL to be too violent and appreciate the somewhat less eventful play in European soccer.

Inter Miami Retains Strong Viewership

Inter Miami may not be on top of the MLS pecking order, but with promising players such as Romeo Beckham, it’s hard to imagine that the team will slide in performance. Still, one of the reasons why the club proves attractive for promising players from the world of soccer is the good and steady viewership it enjoys.

The home stadium has a capacity of 18,000 people, and the average viewership and turnup are roughly 12,000, which is very good numbers, especially for a sport that is only now looking to truly grow in the United States. Viewership for Inter Miami games has kept steady, which has proven one of the biggest pulls for the team in securing new talent.

But it’s not just Beckham who fans should be on the lookout for. It may be a little down in this season’s scoring, but the club’s defender DeAndre Yedlin has been named as one of the best players in the 2022 MLS All-Star Game. When speaking about this distinction, Yedlin simply stated that while he was appreciative of this opportunity, he assured that he would never have been able to achieve any of his career success without his teammates in Inter Milan.

Ronaldo Snubbing Inter Miami

Not everyone wants to play for Inter Miami; it seems, though, as Beckham jocosely suggested that Cristiano Ronaldo should come and play for the team, something that Ronaldo simply turned down. Having Ronaldo play would have meant for the star to move to the United States, which seemed like a poor choice for him at the time, as he is European by heart and not too keen to play in MLS.

Some have suggested that the level of competition is just not quite there yet to mandate players such as Ronaldo to play. It would have been interesting to see Ronaldo play with Inter Miami, a mostly youthful club which has been building from the grounds up. The team definitely has a long way to go before it tops the leadership of MLS, but it’s certainly getting there.

Inter Miami is playing a very long game in which the club is focused on building good club culture and attract talent that is capable of performing well. There is also a sort of relaxed feeling about the club as the level of competition – while serious – is just a notch under the Premier League topflight games, which are the benchmark against which most other leagues are measured.

The good news is that Inter Miami may not be a “Ronaldo-worthy club right now”, but it is certainly going to become one. This is good news for at least two reasons – first, it will bestow accolades on the club itself, but even far more importantly, it will allow MLS to evolve into a more meaningful and fulfilling league where players come to develop and achieve their full potential so that even Ronaldo may want to play there one day – but it will be too late.