Innovative Offers and Decisions from the International Football Association Board

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has changed the football rules regarding the number of substitutions at the 136th general meeting in Qatar, mass media report concerning the site IFAB. So, if you want to fill in football coupons today, you should consider the following information to make your predictions more accurate.

Note that the reason for the decision was the COVID pandemic and the intense schedule of matches for players. As a result, world Cup 2022 will be held during the club season, in November-December, for the first time in history.

IFAB Meeting: Key Takeaways

First, the squads will be expanded from 23 to 26 players at the Mundial in Qatar. This extension also implies that 26 players can be announced at the World Cup match. Although before that, the postponed Euro-2020 teams could declare only 23 of the 26 players who had entered the tournament.

FIFA also announced that the teams could make changes in the squads by November 13, meaning eight days before the start of the tournament. At the same time, they decided to expand the list of players from 35 to 55 players.

Then, starting from the season 2022/23 (July 1), teams will be allowed to perform five substitutions during the match’s main time.

This rule was temporarily introduced in May 2020 owing to the Сoronarus pandemic and has now been ratified permanently. Before this, it was allowed to carry out three substitutions. However, there are limitations. Only three slots are available for replacement, as well as half-time replacements. In addition, the number of reserve players has been increased – from 12 to 15, for the consideration of the competition organizers.

The meeting also raised the issue of disrespect for judges and their safety. It has been noted that initiatives will be developed to address this problem, including possible testing of referees’ body cams.

The participants discussed the substitutions test because of the concussion and the offside rules’ possible interpretation. Specialists will investigate the issue of players’ replacement because of concussions until August 2023 to obtain more information. Other innovations were discussed:

  • The explanation of referees’ particular decisions made during the match.
  • Fair calculation of game time
  • Booting the ball into play feet from the out.

At the World Cup 2022, the system of automatic fixing of the offside might be used, which, according to FIFA President Gianni Infantino, passed a successful test at the World Cup and the Cup of Arab Nations.

Nevertheless, the sources keep saying nothing is final because testing of potential innovations continues. Let’s revise that the World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 18 in Qatar.