How to View Predicted Premier League Lineups

Some things in the world of fantasy football are difficult, yet, others are as simple as they can be. One of those straightforward options players should take is to check the predicted lineups. After all, there’s no point in making an uninformed decision about your FPL team transfers or selections. The sources are out there. You just need to know where to look.

Using Predicted Lineups in Fantasy Football

There are plenty of decisions to make on a weekly basis within fantasy football – maybe even more frequently considering midweek games too. Different players have different routines – their modus operandi, if you will. However, there is always one constant that you will find among the regular plans of the top FPL players every season – looking at the likely starting elevens. It’s almost imperative that you check out the predicted premier league lineups before each gameweek deadline.

Can Anyone Have a Go at Predicted Lineups?

The short answer is yes. Yet, why put yourself through all that time-consuming research when you have some fantastic and reliable sources out there willing to do the work for you?

At first, you may think there isn’t too much to it. But don’t forget everything that needs to be considered in order to pick a predicted starting for one Premier League club. There are fitness issues, injuries potentially suffered during training that you may not have heard about, suspended players, other stars missing due to personal issues, and much, much more. Now, imagine taking all that into consideration for all 20 teams!

No-one knows the exact starting eleven for any club until one hour before kick-off, when teams must confirm their lineups as per Premier League rules. Some sites, however, can make a very good go at it thanks to all the information they collate every day of the week. It’s their specific focus so let them take that load on for you.

All you have to do, then, is have a look at the websites you find most reliable before making your transfers and picking your starting lineup. Don’t forget to prioritise your substitutes how you want them too.

How Injuries and Fitness Can Affect Starting Lineups

As an avid football fan, you will know that players can get injured at any time throughout the season. We generally know immediately if we witness an injury occurring during a live match on TV. Normally a player will need a scan on an injury if it’s deemed serious enough. Those scans will take place in the days following the match. You would need to stay up-to-date on the club website to find out just how serious that injury was.

Players can get injured in training too. Away from the TV cameras, Premier League players undergo hours of intense training every week. Injuries can happen at the training ground, of course. These ones you may not hear about so much unless you keep tuned to the sports news channels.

You must also take into account a player’s match fitness when they are returning from an injury. If they were out of action for a prolonged period of time, there will most certainly be a readjustment period to think of. You’re likely to see such players come back in for one or two substitute appearances while they return to full fitness.

Suspensions in Fantasy Premier League

Players are suspended during the season as a result of accumulating too many yellow cards or receiving any red cards. Whoever receives five yellow cards in the Premier League will miss the next game through suspension. The same rule applies for every extra five yellow cards that player gets.

Anyone who is sent off due to a second yellow card in the same match will receive a one-match ban. The same is said for players who get a straight red card after committing a professional foul.

There are heavier bans for in-game offences such as dissent. If the dissent leads to a red card, the player gets a two-game ban. Violent conduct can be punished by a suspension of three or more matches.

Your safest bet to keep on top of all of the current bans and injuries is to check a reliable source before making changes to your FPL selection.

Utilise All the Tools Available to You

Missing a gameweek deadline without changing your team or making your transfers is so demoralising. Try to avoid this by setting reminders on your phone.

After that, you need to build your routine. This will involve finding those sites you know you can depend on for accurate predicted lineups. Get your information then make your decisions such as picking transfers, your first eleven, and the order of your substitutes.

Once all that is done, your fate will lie in the hands of the football gods! It is then time to sit back and witness the magic and the mystery of the FPL.