How to Maximise Your Winnings at Online Casino

Online casinos are big business in the UK these days, with British gamblers spending around £5 billion every year online and 21 million active accounts across the country. At the same time, the number of online casinos continue to grow. This is great news in terms of choice, but it also means that thousands of newbies enter the scene every week and not all of them are experienced enough to know how to win big at their chosen casino. So let’s look at some strategies that could help you to maximise your winnings. However, remember that luck is always what matters the most. There are no strategies that will make you win at online casino each time you play.

Pick a Game You Enjoy and Master its Quirks

Firstly, remember that every game is slightly different. That doesn’t mean that the symbols, sound effects and animations are different. It goes much deeper than that, including sub-games, ways to earn free spins, and different ways to place your initial bet. Generally speaking, if you know a machine inside-out, you’ll stand a better chance of winning. And if you are really immersed in its gameplay, you’ll learn all of its features in more depth. So choose a game that you enjoy and feel comfortable with, instead of moving constantly between different games (until you’ve built up the confidence to do so).

Build up From Low Jackpot, Low Stake Games to Pricier Options

Another good strategy for new players is to start off with machines with lower stakes. Be careful to check when you get started though, as many games offer a broad spectrum of wagers, from a few pennies to £20 or more. While these cheaper games tend to pay out less when you hit the jackpot, they are a good introduction to the world of online casinos. And they can pay out reliably as well, particularly if you keep track of your deposits and winnings, staking only amounts that you are confident will deliver returns. As your budgeting and risk taking skills develop, you can move onto more complex and expensive games.

Dreamz Casino – Play For Fun

If you haven’t played online casino,’s UK casino guide offers a wide range of online slots that you can play for fun. In other words, you don’t have to create an account or make a deposit to be able to play casino at Dreamz. To play for free it’s a great way to get know the different slots and in-game features. And you will have a far more enjoyable experience if you know all the basics.

As well as online slots you’ll find a library of game reviews and other good-to-know information that will make your journey go much smoother. Basically, a great place to start off with if you’re searching for an online casino.

Always Pay Attention to the Bonuses on Offer

In a competitive marketplace, casino operators need to build up large customer bases and bonuses are the way to do so. When you check out a new online casino, look out for “no deposit bonuses” first of all. These deals should come with no obligation to deposit a certain amount and are essentially free money to get you started on the slot machines. But when choosing a site, gamblers also need to be careful. Check the wagering requirements to understand how easy it is to extract your winnings, and be sure to check for certificates which prove that the site is legitimate. Most companies are, so you don’t have to worry too much on that, as companies such as the Gambling Commission make sure that sites have the correct licenses.

When you put those ideas together, the results should be bigger winnings and greater skills, giving you the basis to make the most of what the UK’s online casino sector has to offer.

Have fun and play responsibly!