How to be top dog at fantasy football

Fantasy football is obviously some of the best fun you can have with your clothes on. If you’re a football fan already, putting together a fantasy team adds an extra dimension to following the games. It allows you to be an armchair manager, trying out all of those theories, strategies and tactical decisions that we all love to talk about down the pub, and to see how they play out without the risk of losing your job or leading thousands of fans to humiliation or defeat.

The other great thing about fantasy football is the social aspect. If you’re in a league with your friends or your workmates then it’s a perfect framework for friendly competition, top banter and the excitement of money pots and friendly side bets. In addition, while it’s important to keep things friendly and not get over-competitive, everyone wants to be a winner. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to be top dog in the world of fantasy football.

Do your research

You should start planning your team in the summer. Follow any international fixtures that may give a clue to players’ forms in the upcoming season. Keep abreast of all the latest transfer and injury news and look out for up-and-coming hopefuls as well as how the established names are doing.

Take a chance

There’s no point in playing it safe and having the same team as all of your mates. Don’t be afraid to drop name players if you feel their winning streak has turned cold. Similarly, while you may want to pull players from five or more different teams to avoid having all of your eggs in one basket, there’s something to be said for pulling from just a couple of teams so you only have to rely on the good fortune of two different clubs.

Make some real money

If you’ve done your research properly and really know your players, there’s nothing to stop you making actual money week in, week out by placing regular bets on those players’ performances. Sports betting online is a great way to turn your extensive footie knowledge into profit. Just be sure to seek out a reputable site offering decent odds.

Think outside the box

Look for players who are playing in a more upfront role than they’ve been classified as. Different formations can see players pushed up the field, meaning you get more potential for your transfer money.

Be frugal with your transfers

Try out loads of different combinations of players in the summer when you still have unlimited free transfers, but once you find a team that works try to stick with it. Don’t waste your limited transfers once the season starts by following whims or giving in to your nerves. Make sure you’ve got plenty left for later in the season.

Ultimately, the key to being top dog is thinking like a real manager. This means keeping an eye on every player’s actual form, not just their reputation, and not making decisions after a night in the pub! The more effort you make, the more you’ll get out of it. So put in the hours and the concentration and it will all pay off.