How Sports Betting Trends are Reshaping the Industry

The betting industry is always evolving. Trends in sports betting come and go. Sports will gain and lose popularity as a result of publicity or the natural cycle of the sports calendar.

What was popular in 2018 isn’t the same in 2021, and the same trend is likely to continue in future. Will people want to gamble with their buddies even more? How will bookmakers respond to the pandemic that has altered the sports betting environment since the turn of the century?

Top brands in the larger betting and casino industry, such as vWin, one of the leading bookmakers in Asia, are adopting new models to enhance user experience. From advanced technologies of following football scores online, to data analytics, we look at how some of these trends are impacting the industry.

More live streams 

Rather than sifting through pop-up-ridden websites in search of a shady feed, gamblers may now go to a bookmaker’s website and watch a variety of events. Bookies have been in the live streaming industry for years, from horse racing to lacrosse, but it appears that they are extending that portion of their service.

eSports are gaining popularity

What is the maximum size that eSports can grow to? Millions of cash are already available for the finest in the world. eSports betting has gained in popularity in recent years, but we’re still a long way from seeing an eSports event featured in one of our greatest sports betting surprises.

During the lockdown days of 2020, esports thrived. When stadiums are empty or other leagues are suspended, a sport that can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s own home is ideal. As a result, a new generation of eSports enthusiasts has emerged.

Any new notion is received with scepticism, but those who doubt its validity are matched by others who are enthusiastic about it.

As the year 2021 wears out, esports will be a significant part of the sports betting scene. Only time will tell how much space for expansion there is, but the viewership numbers for the top events in 2021 indicate that esports may have a great future.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Although the application of AI and machine learning to automate betting odds is still in its infancy, we expect significant advancements in the near future. Large amounts of sports data are easily available, making AI an excellent tool for evaluating the richness of data and predicting athletic events with remarkable accuracy. Systems that learn from experience may be built to continuously improve algorithms and efficiently automate the complicated process of determining gambling chances.

Crypto-based betting

One of the benefits of crypto-based betting is that it does not require the involvement of a third party, unlike traditional banking methods, and it also has reduced payout costs. More transparency with provably fair games, easier, quicker, and cheaper transfers, and operational efficiency for operators are all advantages of crypto-driven betting.  Many sportsbooks now accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

Big Data and analytics

Data is king in the world of sports. When it comes to sports betting, it’s no different. For both sportsbooks and bettors, data is at the heart of the game’s mechanics. The more advanced an analytics technique is, the better a sportsbook’s odds and income may be generated.

Can artificial intelligence help you beat the odds? Regrettably, probably not, at least not on a regular basis. However, this hasn’t prevented some organizations from trying it.