How DraftKings Went from Being a Fantasy Sports Endeavour to Become One of the Biggest Players in the Online Casino World

When it comes to sports betting, especially in the US, DraftKings is now a household name and one of the most popular providers across the country, and it would be easy to forget that they started out as a fantasy sports service which has grown into a company with just under 1000 employees and worth an estimated $20 billion.

DraftKings is now known around the world, and its many customers, thought to number at over 9 million registered users, are not just drawn in by one of the best online casino sign up bonus offers around but also by the way in which the operator regularly seeks to reward loyal users with frequent, ongoing promotions as well as enticing newcomers with welcome deals that are more than competitive when compared to the market as a whole.

There are many reasons why DraftKings is so successful, and chiefly it boils down to the brand loyalty that they have managed to foster. Here are three other reasons why they are the best online casino option around.

Large Game Selection and Sports Crossover

Draftkings offers a large number of games to choose from; these include a raft of table games (with live dealer services for some) as well as lots of spins, and additionally, if you have a sports account with Draftkings, it’s very easy to switch between the relevant services.

This can be particularly handy if you happen to be playing on the go and want to quickly move to sports live-betting during the big game.

Progressive Payment Methods

Too many online casinos stick to the tried and tested types of payment methods, but that’s not really a very modern approach. Thankfully Draftkings is aware of this and therefore allows you to deposit in a number of ways, including via e-wallet services like Paypal.

They are also faster than most services when it comes to processing your deposit and withdrawals.

Excellent Welcome Offer

Draftkings is very much in the vanguard as far as welcome offers go. Currently, when you sign up, you can expect a matched deposit bonus of as much as $2000 as well as $50 in free credits. This makes starting an account with Draftkings very tempting indeed, as you can regulate your interest accordingly.

In other words, if you want to open your account with a smaller sum, like $50, then you’ll double your money and get a good chance to look around the Draftkings site and see how it operates and then should you be suitably impressed, you can add more funds.

Great Level of Service

Draftkings, whether on the desktop or mobile device, offers a state-of-the-art speedy interface that doesn’t cut any corners. It’s simple to use and works effectively for novices and regular bettors alike. They are also known for their good customer service, which is always a bonus for those few occasions when you need answers quickly.