How Does Technology Help the Evolution of Online Entertainment?

The online entertainment sector is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and is growing each year. Households all around the world have numerous tech devices that allow the consumption of online entertainment in many different forms. Today, streaming music and video content is as simple as registering with a streaming service and playing the content through a suitable smart device. The on-demand nature of this form of entertainment allows consumers to enjoy media at a time and place that suits them. In addition, the online gaming market continues to evolve and now offers a vast selection of captivating games and platforms that offer photo-realistic environments and increasingly realistic experiences. It is important to understand that the evolution of all forms of online entertainment is supported by advances in technology. In this article, some key examples will be provided to support this assertion. 

RNG technology promoting fair outcomes in online casinos

Every year, millions of adults enjoy playing at professionally run online casinos where they can test their luck on a range of machines and card tables. Joining a site can be as easy as searching online for casino games online real money and then simply choosing a site that has the games that you enjoy playing. However, most people do not know that when they are playing games of pure chance (for example, slot machines), these machines are governed by random number generator (RNG) technology. RNG is used in both video games and online casinos. In video games, it can help to create random in-game events that appear to occur organically. However, in online casinos, RNG technology governs the outcomes of each spin of a slot machine. Put simply, it ensures that the overall payout rate for slots stays broadly similar to the odds that are displayed over numerous spins. This creates a fair playing environment for adult gamers. Whilst the outcome of each spin can never be predicted, the overall return rate will stay in line with the stated winning odds. 

Algorithms for curated viewing choices

If you subscribe to a film and TV streaming service such as Netflix, you will be used to seeing curated lists of media that the service believes you will enjoy viewing. These suggestions are driven by powerful and complex algorithms. After you watch several films and TV shows, the streaming platform will record your viewing choices, comparing these to other media in the library. This will allow the software to suggest other titles for you to watch, often with a percentage rating system of how likely these new shows align with your current viewing habits. In short, such algorithms allow you to quickly find new films and TV shows that are likely to suit your viewing preferences. 

The power of advanced audio in online gaming

Briefly, competitive online gaming (both played as an individual and in teams) has evolved thanks to the power of advanced audio technology. This can be experienced in online shooter games such as Fortnight and Call of Duty when using a high-quality gaming headset. By using advanced Dolby audio technology, sound can be produced spatially, giving a 3D effect that allows the gamer to pinpoint the location of approaching footsteps or other sound effects. In competitive multiplayer games, this can provide an advantage, allowing the player to take cover or adopt an attacking position before the opponent comes into sight.