How Does Real Football Affect Fantasy Sports?

Many people engage in fantasy sports in some way. Whether they are putting together their ideal team in the NFL or thinking about the outcome of games in the NBA, there is always an angle to consider when looking into what the world of fantasy sports can offer. Does football have any effect on the world of fantasy sports? Let’s take a look.

What are Fantasy Sports

If you have ever visited a site that offers sports betting, there is a chance that you will happen across fantasy sports at the same time. These can be across a variety of sports, but for the purpose of this article we are going to focus on football.

Fantasy sports are played on the internet. The user takes the role of the manager and decides who they want on their team. They can choose to draft, trade, and cut players to create the perfect team. They are also usually entered into some sort of league in which they want to compete to be the best of the best. Fantasy sports leagues can be found everywhere. Some are hosted by big corporations who might be tied to the real-life teams through sponsorship or broadcasting contracts. Others might simply be organised amongst friends or in the workplace. Wherever you find football fans, you are likely to find some form of fantasy sports!


The players that you choose for these games will be very real. It is not uncommon for high-ranking players in real-life teams to be tipped as people that you want on your side for fantasy football. Just as if you were a real football manager, you could try to make a play for big names like Aleksandar Mitrovic, Raheem Sterling or Harry Kane for example.

Most leagues will have some form of round-up or preview with each week that passes so you are able to keep on top of potential changes. A football player’s performance in real life might affect their standing in the world of fantasy football. Ronaldo might be one of the world’s best strikers, but if he has a bad week there is a chance that he might find himself slipping down the rankings!

All in the Stats

Every player will have a set of stats attached to their real-life performance on the pitch. It can be dictated by things like the number of assists that they have, the passes they make, and the goals that they score – amongst others.

You need to make sure that you keep a close eye on these so you are able to make well-informed choices for your players. As mentioned above, a star player could have a bad week and end up slipping down the rankings. Equally, there could be some underdog who begins to come into their own on the pitch. Being able to spot them and scoop them up before someone else could boost your team significantly.

So, does real football have an effect on fantasy football? Absolutely! It does not matter what league you are looking at or the players involved, the relationship between real and fantasy football runs deep. To be able to make good plays here, you need to be able to identify some of the factors and stats that could dictate a team’s performance. This is all about trying to create as stable a team as possible. This is no easy feat, and will require some careful observations on your part. Take the time to learn as much as you can about both fantasy football and the leagues that you wish to play in.