Horse Racing Around the World

The beauty of horse racing is that it’s a sport that fans can enjoy around the globe, not just in their home country. From the thrill of the races to betting on the winners and enjoying the unique atmosphere of race-day, it’s no surprise that this sport brings in such huge crowds every year, from watching to betting (with Timeform casino). Horse racing dates back centuries and has become popular in various different locations – these are the areas of the world where this sport is the most popular.


There are several countries in the UK where this sport is popular, but the UK, Ireland and France take the lead in terms of races and fanbases. But horse racing is also popular in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

In addition to world-famous races such as the Grand National, Royal Ascot and the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe – the richest race in Europe – there is also the Prix du Jockey Club and the Prix de Diane in France. Both jumps racing and flat racing are popular in Europe, particularly in the UK, where racing events take place on virtually every day of the year around the country.


There are several nations in Asia where horse racing is popular, but it’s also an area of the world where some of the biggest races take place. In particular, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong are known for their love of the sport, along with Singapore, Malaysia and China. Japan is one of the leading nations for their love of horse racing and more than 20,000 races take place here every year.

Its best-known race is the Japan Cup which is held at Tokyo Racecourse and is the country’s most prestigious race. Similarly, the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai is the largest racetrack in the world and is home to the prestigious Dubai World Cup – another one of the richest horse races.


While Africa isn’t known for its passion for horse racing, there are still two regions where it’s a much-loved sport – Mauritius and South Africa. Mauritius has The Champ de Mars Racecourse which brings in crowds of more than 20,000 people and also hosts several big events every year. The course has a rich heritage and is actually the oldest course in the southern hemisphere. South Africa, meanwhile, has loved horse racing since the early 19th century and is best known for its leading race, the Durban July Handicap.

Australia Horse racing is a big industry in Australia, in particular thoroughbred racing. It’s second only to the US in terms of the number of horses starting in races every year and is also third in terms of the amount of prize money that is awarded annually. The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s best-known race. It’s known as the race that stops a nation, due to the popularity of the event around the country and how many people watch it unfold, and it’s also the richest two mile handicap in the world with a purse of A$8 mill